One Step At A Time

I view our plans to move to the UK as not just a goal to accomplish, but as a part of the whole – “the whole” being our life, who we are as people, etc.  Therefore, each step forward is affected by and affects every other facet of my everything.  Make sense?  I hope…

Anyway, so, lately there’s been some progress:


I’m leaving Facebook.  I see this as a necessary lifestyle change.  So far, it’s been a wonderful decision.  Sadly, however, it’s taking me a while to close the account because there were so many other accounts connected to it and there’s a ton of information to gather.  I unfriended everyone, though, and took down all my photos, so there’s no going back, and that feels really good.  I’m the sort of person who likes closure…

Actually, I’m in the process of trying to de-stress my life in general right now.  Getting more sleep is key.  After giving birth last year I have been consistently exhausted and I’ve come to a breaking point physically where I absolutely have to make some changes.  So far, it’s going ok.  Thank you, God.  Lavender oil, probiotics and herbal tea seem to be immensely helpful, and again, leaving Facebook…   Also, I don’t have any caffeine anymore.  None.  Nope.  And, that’s challenging for me because I adore a good shot or two of espresso, or a cup of black tea with milk.   My Starbucks habit was so serious that we garnered gold card status until at least 2016.  Perhaps that’s common?  But, either way, it wasn’t working.  Sorry Starbucks, I miss you.


My husband is looking at getting a job that will help place us in a better position strategically to move in the next five years to the UK.  The prospects are looking really good so far.  It might mean moving far away from where we are right now, but it would likely be worth it.  We’ll be praying about it…

Well, it’s 10:23 PM here in the Midwest, so I should probably get “shuffling off to Buffalo.”   (Please note that I am making an attempt at a corny geographical joke.  Yes, I know Buffalo isn’t in the Midwest, that’s the joke… and as I write this I’m realizing that it might not be funny.  At all.  So…  I guess I’ll just leave it in?)  And, even though I am sitting here watching The Office on mute while typing, I’m also drinking herbal tea…  Baby steps.




(Photos were taken by the author in the Bahamas… 🙂 )


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