Cinnamon.  Cinnamon sticks, cinnamon in my decaf latte, and Good Earth tea.  Cinnamon is such a warm, inviting and perfect spice for Autumn.

Cinnabar, by Estée Lauder from 1978, has a lot of spicy warmth, with an emphasis on the cinnamon.  I enjoyed wearing my vintage bottle with a floral print blouse, skinny jeans from Banana Republic and one of my husbands sweaters.  It started strong and spicy, but elegant with a surprisingly endearing sweetness.  Mind you, it wasn’t too sweet and it certainly maintained a good deal of exotic charm as well…  The florals only emerged after the initial burst of cinnamon and clove.

Cinnabar 4

Cinnabar 5

It felt very late 70’s early 1980’s to me, and that’s not necessarily bad.  The 80’s image that comes to mind is of a woman with thick short curls, and high cheeks bones boldly stripped with berry colored blush.  She’s chic, and perhaps a bit enigmatic at first, but genuinely warm and ebullient once you get to know her.

Cinnabar 1

It’s a comforting fragrance actually…  The dry down is mellow as Cinnabar eventually throws one last spicy sweet kiss before it nearly disappears.

Cinnabar 2
My vintage Cinnabar bottle from eBay
Tonight, more sweetness and spice.  For desert, I’m making homemade caramel apple bites to be served on cinnamon sprinkled vanilla ice cream.  It’s my husband’s birthday this week and I know he enjoys homemade caramel.  I’m using an old recipe with butter and heavy cream, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Until Friday.  🙂

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