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Last week, on October 20, Oscar de la Renta, an artist who managed to create arguably some of the most elegant silhouettes in fashion history, died of complications from cancer he had been fighting bravely for years.   He kept designing and adding beauty to the world right up until the end though, creating such pieces as the wedding dress worn by Amal Alamuddin in her wedding to George Clooney this Fall.

I can’t remember the first time I heard the name, Oscar de la Renta, but I’m sure it was when I was a very little girl.  I see images in my mind of flowing red dresses, likely from the early 1990’s, when I see or hear his name.  Oscar, Oscar de la Renta, the perfume, reminds me of those gorgeous dresses that I see.  It’s very pretty, bright, bold and gloriously dramatic, but only in the most becoming sort of way.

I wore Oscar de la Renta, Oscar today for the first time (Oscar de la Renta 1977).  It reminds me of Chloé Narcisse in that wearing it seems to sort of brighten my day.  I say my day, because, of course, fragrance is such a matter of personal taste,  but I’m positive others must find it cheery too…  It’s such an enveloping floral fragrance.

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At any rate, I relished wearing the above perfume today, it was a treat, and I sincerely hope that Mr. de la Renta rests in peace.  If you’ve somehow never seen his work (or have and don’t realize it), it’s worth taking at least a quick google.

I also sold both of the bottles of perfume the other day, so goodbye Aphrodisia and Muguet de Bois. It’s funny, now that those scents are no longer in my collection I sort of miss them…  They were both unique.  Ahh, well…  I’ll be more certain next time I make a sale that I don’t mind parting with it.

We haven’t had a chance to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s as I had planned, but my husband rented episodes of Keeping up Appearances from the library, and that will probably take precedent over the Hepburn classic – I’m in the mood for a good laugh.  Hyacinth Bucket (ahem, pronounced Bouquet ahem) is such a perfect foil for whatever ails one.  She puts life right into perspective.

Here are a few favorite episodes:

The Senior Citizen’s Outing

The Roll’s Royce

A Riverside Picnic

Have a wonderful start to your week. Until Wednesday.

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