праздник весны

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праздник весны by Ayxn, which very roughly translates to Spring Festival in English is a powdery floral that reminds me of a cross between L’Aimant and Shalimar, except there’s leather among the Aldehyde floral notes…

DSC07408 (2)

Remember the way I described Miss Dior Chérie? Well, imagine going into that same old gentleman’s club (not the sort that have strippers), opening a big bottle of vintage Shalimar and L’Aimant and just pouring the bottles all over a deliciously soft leather sofa.  Then, go lay on it and breath deeply

That sounds like a rather eccentric thing to do, because it is, but the scent experience of праздник весны (Spring Festival) is that decadent.  It’s truly lovely.  And, despite it’s strength, no matter how often I smell a spray of it on my wrist, I don’t seem to get any unpleasant side-affects – no headaches.  I’ve never tried Russian perfume before, but if this bottle is a the norm then I will definitely be searching for more.

Sadly though, I haven’t been able to find much about this perfume…  My mother smelled it and thought it reminded her of something from the 1960’s or 70’s.  Perhaps.  However, it could have been launched a lot earlier then that too, I imagine.   In any case, I quite like this perfume and the name just makes it all the better – Spring Festival.  I’ll have to wear it in the spring.  🙂

I’m determined to be a bit healthier, as I’ve said before…  I’m working on figuring out a good meal plan for our family.  We’ve been eating too much spaghetti.   I love spaghetti, don’t get me wrong, but enough is enough…

I sort of treated myself to a rather luxurious facial serum online the other day.  It’s a funny story actually because I found it on Gwenyth Paltrow’s website, Goop.com.  I stopped by Goop (I’m not judging at all, but that name makes me giggle) the other day out curiosity and then found myself gathering useful information and finding a few promising products. I almost bought the facial serum directly from her site, but I did some other online shopping and found it somewhere else.  Sorry, Gwenyth.  I read that the site could be in financial trouble and is depending on people buying products so I won’t do that again…

Now I feel like I need to be good and not eat foods that will make my skin look dull or less clear.  Well, I’ve already been feeling that way lately, but this purchase just reinforces that sentiment…    Perhaps it’s because my birthday is this month and I’m really aware of the whole aging process.  I don’t know…

This weekend I did my now regular facial steam and clay mask.  I’m realizing the benefit of such a ritual more and more.  For one thing I’m an introvert and having the quiet time alone helps me process through the week.  It also massively shrinks my pores and seems to help clarify my skin.

My favorite mask is called Aztec Secret.  You can find it at almost any health food store, such as Whole Foods or online at Vitacost.com.  It’s very affordable (about $5.00) and the results are impressive – you get a lot for your money with this mask.  It’s like your pores are being vacuumed – it tightens dramatically when you wear it.  It’s very powerful.  Actually, it’s so powerful that it can cause some redness, but that subsides for me, at least, rather quickly.  There is a bit of a purging process afterwards – your skin can break out more, but  after the initial purge the skin looks noticeably improved (at least for me).



I’m also trying to work out more in an attempt to lose a few pounds.  I’m not looking to lose a lot, thankfully, but there’s some weight I never lost after having my son.  As I’ve been doing this blog I’ve been reminded of the clothes I used to wear and would love to wear again, so I’ve become determined.

Here’s hoping for the best…  🙂

Until tomorrow.


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