I was determined to make a meal plan for the coming week this weekend.  Thankfully, I found a great timesaving shortcut in the Whole Foods Market weekly menu planning guide.  We based our entire week’s groceries on the current guide.   It was interesting.  We bought nutritional yeast for the first time and the majority of our purchases were fresh vegetables.  We’ll see how it turns out…  I’m kind of excited.

On our way to the grocery store we had a lot of fun when we stopped by a great local antique mall.  We were fortunate enough to have a particularly helpful antique dealer guiding our shopping who knew where all the great bottles and boxes of perfumes were in the store.  I was thrilled about a delightful miniature grandfather clock with perfume inside by George Button, called Gala Night (Bouton 1928) and a vintage box and bottle of Chanel no. 5 Extrait, but my husband was most taken by a cologne called Fuzzly…   🙂

DSC07459 (2)

DSC07460 (2)
Fuzzly Cologne

DSC07462 (2)

DSC07464 (3)

During our adventures I wore vintage Amazone, by Hermès (Hermès 1974).

DSC07442 (2)

I can’t say that I favor the green floral perfumes launched in the 1970’s other than Chanel no. 19, but I actually really like vintage Amazone.  There’s something distinctly pretty and timeless about this green scent.  Although, I’m noticing that I tend to like fragrances like Amazone with notes of Galbanum, Narcissus, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Orris Root, Raspberry and Iris.  I also love all the Hermès perfumes, and really anything Hermès in general (it’s hard not to), so along with Amazone I wore an Hermès silk scarf.

vintage Confidents Des Coeurs, Hermès
vintage Confidents Des Coeurs, Hermès

DSC07424 (3)

DSC07429 (3)

DSC07432 (2)

DSC07434 (2)

DSC07439 (2)

DSC07443 (2)
Reiss black jacket – Confidents Des Coeurs silk Hermès scarf – Oatmeal Old Navy knit shirt – Banana Republic skinny jeans – vintage 1960’s leather shoes


It’s supposed to snow today.  I wonder how much we’ll get…  🙂

Until Wednesday…

(Hermès scarf tying is fun…)

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