Cheap, harsh and um…  tacky, are not particularly positive ways to describe a fragrance, but alas, they perfectly suit the smell I emit when I wear Prada Candy.

DSC07544 (2)

I’m sure some people waft a scent of gourmand, delicious delight when they wear this perfume based on all the raving reviews it receives on Fragrantica, but it does not work well with my chemistry at all.  At all.  A few posts back I wrote that Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck smelled slightly cheap, well, after smelling Candy on my skin I can no longer call Wonderstruck cheap, as it would mean placing it in the same category as Prada Candy.

Thankfully, I didn’t buy Candy, I only used a sample…  Also, it doesn’t have a lot of sillage so it wasn’t a disaster to wear it in public places.  (I was able to leave the house without having to take another shower.)

In case you’re wondering, Candy was released by Prada in 2011.  It has notes of musk, benzoin and caramel.  And, as I said before, it might smell delightful on someone else, so I would suggest trying it as a sample if you are so inclined.

DSC07543 (2)

I also recently sampled La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream. As an anti aging cream it does deliver in that it leaves the skin with diminished wrinkles and a soft dewy quality, but it’s also heavy, greasy (it lays on the skin) and is relatively expensive.  Furthermore, as I said in my previous posts, (sorry to sound like a broken record) I’m not sure of the safety of all the ingredients in this cream – I don’t think La Prairie is known as a “natural” company of any sort… So, since its ingredients are suspect, it didn’t wow me as much as other recent Omorovicza samples I’ve tried and it’s within the same price range, if not slightly more costly, I would easily recommend Omorovicza anti-aging products above La Prairie.  Sadly, I think La Prairie rests on their name, more than their quality….  😦

And on another less than happy note, my birthday is coming up in the very nearish future.  Unhappy because I have a history of bad birthday experiences (snowstorms, sickness, and general yuckiness) and I’m bracing myself for this year instead of just, “letting it happen.” (Hence mentioning it in this blog – although last year was actually one of the two birthdays I’ve had that were really nice.)  I’ve already purchased a few things for myself online that I really wanted without regard to cost (I’m usually more cautious) and as jaded and materialistic as that sounds, it does make me feel a little better.

See, for the record, I don’t think buying expensive, pretty things you really want once in a while is bad…  or materialistic.  There’s nothing wrong with enjoying beautiful things within moderation.  And, after all, if it’s my way of making sure I’m not feeling super gloomy on my birthday, I think it’s worth it.  I mean, every life is special and should be celebrated in a way that speaks to that individual’s soul – especially on their birthday in my opinion.  I like enjoying beauty (not things, just to clarify), even if that means buying my own ticket to the show…  (One of my best birthdays was when I turned 14 and my father gave me a pair of tickets to see the Nutcracker ballet performed live.)

And really, I think birthdays can be a bummer for a lot of people – like everything terrible about the worst Valentine’s Day on a much more personal level.  You can’t quip that birthdays were just created by greeting card companies to make money…  🙂

So, for all of you who read this who have had a bad birthday this year, well, a belated happy birthday, and I’m sincerely sorry…  😦

I feel better…

Until tomorrow.  🙂

Just because it’s near my birthday:

Frou Frou, Let Go

Empire of the Sun, Walking on a Dream

Taylor Swift, Shake it Off

The Black Keys, Tighten Up

The Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter

Perez Prado, Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White

Matt and Kim, Daylight

Peter, Bjorn and John, Young Folks

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