Dahlia Noir

Dahlia Noir (Givenchy 2011) is a clean surface of sweet florals that descends into a powdery, “dark” heart.  It’s a pretty scent.  It’s very modern and very pleasing.

DSC07548 (2)

According to Frangrantica it is touted as a “dangerous” fragrance – a, “…’Fatal Flower’ of unreal and imaginative composition for mysterious and fascinating women.”  But, I’m not sure that it lives up to that amount of intrigue, and actually the thing is, it’s not edgy at all.  The “mystery” of the scent, or the “darkness,” seems more like dramatic pretense, to be honest, than something romantic and menacing.  🙂  It’s an olfactory act, and years from now it will smell like that (it already does)- the same way that certain manners of speech from the past seem comical and fake now but in the past seemed cool, tough or attractive.

None-the-less, it is pretty… And I would wear it again.

Before wearing a sample of Dahlia Noir, I used a sample of Dr. Hauschka’s Regenerative Body Cream.  It was more than ok, but not fantastic.

DSC07550 (2)
Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Serum, Regenerating Day Cream, and a sample of Regenerating Body Moisturizer

It was very quickly absorbed, and left my skin quite soft and supple for a long time.  It also had a creamy, but not heavy richness. It was nice. The only word of caution I would offer is that it had a slightly waxy, lemony scent, which doesn’t particularly linger on the skin for long, but is initially noticeable.  I would use this product again, but I might be careful not to use it with other scents that could be affected by the waxy lemon quality.

On a related note, I really appreciate Dr. Hauschka as a brand, because I feel that many of their products  really work and are healthy to use on a regular basis.  Dr. Hauschka also helped clear up my skin.

I always had trouble with acne, but then I discovered the Clarifying Day Oil (formally Normalizing Day Oil), and the Hauschka method of only using moisturizers during the day.  My skin was changed.  Then, I tried just washing my face with water and exfoliating it periodically with baking soda, and in combination with the Dr. Hauschka products and regimen my skin is now almost constantly clear (with the exception of a few blackheads that require a steaming and a mask) and only rarely do I have any sort of break-out (when I do it’s generally related to extreme stress or illness and it’s a limited breakout).

Anyway, now I use the regenerative serum and day cream instead of the clarifying oil, but my skin is still as clear as before. I really do recommend Dr. Hauschka products (No one is paying me to say that).

The start of Christmas deocrations… grey knit shirt by Mossimo, olive green leather belt by Ellen Tracy, vintage orange skirt, Banana Republic brown tights, dark brown Delman leather boots, vintage cobalt blue glass bead pendant

We put up our Christmas Tree this weekend. 🙂  I know it’s early, but it’s nice to have cheeful lights on dark winter evenings.  🙂

Until Wednesday.  🙂

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