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Shalimar (Guerlain 1925) was the first classic fragrance I ever owned or loved.  I can’t remember why I had that first bottle though, which is odd for me because I usually remember such things.  It’s possible that I found a tester of Shalimar at a store, tried it and then asked for it as a gift for one of my birthdays in high school…

In any case, except for Chanel no. 22, I don’t think that there’s a fragrance I have more love for.  It’s just that spectacular in my opinion.  Actually, I think it’s the best Guerlain fragrance ever made, if not one of the best fragrances ever made period, but I’m sure others would say that honor goes to L’Heure Bleue or other Guerlain classics and I certainly respect that opinion.

Ok.  So, I wore it yesterday evening and I’m wearing it again today.  It’s a great scent for colder weather.

It has that unmistakable, indescribable, sweet, balsamic, powdery, spicy, citrus quality. It’s both exotic and traditional.

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I’ve seen the 1937 movie, Lost Horizon, a couple of times, but the first viewing in high school left the most lasting impression. I remember feeling sort of off-kilter, even a bit scared and yet dreamy at the same time.  Shalimar reminds me of that experience.  It’s deeply romantic, very moving and almost a bit eerie but only in the most positive way, if that’s possible…  Considering that it was inspired by a famous love story involving a tragic garden favored by a dead lover, I suppose that makes a great deal of sense…

Yesterday, we took our son to see Santa.  He may have enjoyed Mr. Claus, it was unclear, but I’m almost positive he loved the Christmas displays the store had up. They were very artistic…

Elf bunk beds in the North Pole
Elf bunk beds in the North Pole.
2014-12-07 17.48.40 (2)
Santa’s elves working in the reindeer stables.
A Dancing pig, of course...  :)
A Dancing pig, of course… 🙂
2014-12-07 17.46.36 (2)
A little elf waking up to the first snow of the Christmas Season…

I met a fascinating woman at the store who sold me my mother’s Christmas gift.  She was an older woman, with a thick accent, who owned a bee farm with her husband. She told me that bees are actually wonderful creatures (besides being tremendously helpful) and that they “sing.”   It was delightful talking with her…  Actually, come to think of it, and since this post is about Shalimar, I think that if a person could be embodied in a fragrance, that Shalimar would be a bit like her (maybe not entirely, but enough to notice…)

2014-12-07 19.13.03

Anyway, have a good start to your week.  🙂

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