My Sin

2014-12-09 12.00.08 (2)

Today I’m wearing my vintage bottle of My Sin by Lanvin (Lanvin 1924).  It has all the pop and fizz of most classic 1920’s fragrances with a hint of something that smells like luscious ripe fruit.   Actually, it smells like a piece of fruit so ripe that if consumed would be quite intoxicating.  Given that this Lanvin classic is a perfume from The Prohibition Era, “Roaring Twenties,” the smell of fermented fruit befits the name beautifully.

During the drydown My Sin becomes a bit soapy with a strong hint of smoke that reminds me of a wood-burning fireplace.  It tells a story.  There’s a long evening into night of wine and refined, raucous merriment ending in a demure domestic scene of soap, burning wood and perhaps even sleep.  Yes, even though the name may hint at something else, this scent ends in a very tranquil, albeit still delightfully fizzy, softness.


Top notes are listed as: neroli, bergamot, amalfi lemon, clary sage and aldehydes. Middle notes: jasmine, narcissus, ylang ylang, clove, orris root, lilac, lily-of-the-valley and rose.   Base notes are listed as: vetyver, musk, styrax, civetta, tolu balsam, vanille, and woodsy notes.

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(All non-perfume photos were taken by the author at the Olcott House, in Duluth, Minnesota during a road trip with her husband.)

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  1. Beth says:

    So many perfume memories from my past! When I was a girl, there were a few single women in their early 20s who took an interest in my sister & me (our Dad was a pastor). We were fascinated by their make up, jewelry, and perfume. I remember them joking about wearing “My Sin.” Good memories!

    1. karrielinn says:

      That story sounds like it has a lot more to it… 🙂 These young women sound very interesting. Were they members of your church? How old were you?

      I had/have a cousin who was an absolute stunning beauty and since we are ten years apart I spent a lot of my childhood hoping to look and act like her when I grew-up. I remember her letting me use her lip-gloss and hoping it would last a long time because it made me feel so sophisticated to wear it. Ha!

      Was the joke about My Sin because you were pastor’s daughters or what? 🙂

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