There aren’t many fragrances launched within the last five years or so that I really like all that much, sadly.  However, after recently sampling Bottega Veneta, Knot (Bottega Veneta 2014) I’ve discovered a huge exception.

2014-12-13 22.59.15

Top notes of: clementine, mandarin orange, lime, neroli and orange blossom. Middle notes of: white rose, lavender, and peony. Base notes of: musk and tonka bean.

Knot is uplifting, clean, pretty and modern with a sort of airy orange-kissed vibrancy. It reminds me of a contemporary version of Acqua Di Parma, Colonia with reviews of both fragrances often citing a certain Italian, sunny beauty.

The sillage is modest but nice and longevity is decent.  The drydown is slightly sweet and quite luminous.  Again, it’s a very gregarious scent with an ability to almost bring cheer to its wearer.

2014-12-13 22.59.33

Today I’m hoping to finally finish the remainder of our Christmas cards.  Yesterday I had the semi-thrill of dying several items green…  There was an oldish Lily Pulitzer strapless dress and a scarf.  Both items were white as white can be, so the green is very vibrant and I’m actually kind of excited…  I feel like I invented a new dress (sort of) and the scarf is now wearable (white has never been particularly flattering next to my face)…  I also think that seeing something colorful and bright was a psychological boost.


Have a restful Sunday, my dear readers.  🙂

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