So, I apparently took a mini-vacation from blogging…  I was supposed to post a second time last Friday and didn’t because I forgot.  Then, last night, I became totally engrossed in reorganizing the coat closet after a particularly fruitful trip to Ikea. I finished the closet, went to bed around 2 am but, of course, I didn’t post on this blog…  Sorry. 😦

2014-12-20 19.09.48 (2)

Anyway, this evening I finished wrapping all the gifts I’m responsible for and that felt good.  I feel bad that it’s taken this long to get everything wrapped, but it’s done.

2014-12-20 19.09.04 (2)
A local park all aglow for the holidays.

This evening, and tomorrow, I’m planning to wear the current formulation of Coty’s Emeraude (Coty 1921).  It will definitely put me in the right sort of mood for Christmas with it’s warm, oriental balsamic charm.  And, I don’t feel bad wearing it fairly liberally since it’s still in production and can be purchased for a low price at most drugstores.  It’s also a favorite of mine, even in it’s current formulation.  In fact, I’m one of those unusual Emeraude fans who actually likes the contemporary version as much as the original.  Sure, some of the edge, quality and depth is certainly missing from the current Emeraude, but I think the recent formulation has a stronger note of citrus than the original and I kind of like that (although a criticism could also be made that the old bottles have lost some of their citrus top notes so it’s not a fair comparison – I need to investigate this more someday…).  There’s something sort of refreshing about today’s Emeraude, and it’s quite nice.

DSC00018 (2)

Until Wednesday… 🙂

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