Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere

There are definitely perks with ordering brands directly online.  🙂  This weekend a little box came in the mail from Chanel.  In the box was another little black box with some absolutely delightful samples…  I love Chanel.  Sigh.

2014-12-27 17.17.07 (2)

Anyway, one of the samples was Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere, which was launched by Chanel in 2007, with Jacques Polge doing a contemporary interpretation of the classic Chanel scent.  While many people seem to be fans of this new fragrance, frankly I don’t like it at all.

2014-12-27 17.15.09 (2)

At first it smells like a new, unique Chanel – nice and slightly masculine.  But during the drydown when it starts to resemble Chanel no. 5 it becomes a sugary, uber powdery sugar scent with sugar on top.  As my husband puts it, “…it’s Chanel no. 5 with pixie sticks poured in it.”  Sorry Jacques Polge.

And I ask, when does redoing a timeless, iconic anything really ever work?  Really?  Why didn’t they just make another scent?  Why even bother calling it Chanel no. 5 anything?

I love that it was included as a sample though.  Now I won’t blind buy something I certainly don’t want.

Update (1/31/2015):  It seems that there have been some people checking out this blog to see if they can figure out whether or not Chanel reformulated No. 5 Eau Premiere.  I cannot speak to when it was reformulated from the original 2007 version but I do have the impression that it was reformulated at least once…  Perhaps it was reformulated a second time too?   Thanks!

The other two samples were much more pleasing.

2014-12-27 17.14.38-1 (2)

2014-12-27 17.13.29 (2)

I enjoyed both of the skincare samples – the Vitalumiére Aqua, Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup, and the Resynchronizing Skincare, Le Weekend De Chanel, Renouveler Renew.  However, I like the Resynchronizing Skincare (an exfoliating moisturizer meant to be used once a week) a lot.  My combination skin was noticeably softer, fine lines were diminished and my pores appeared smaller.  It wasn’t greasy, absorbed quickly and it didn’t clog my pores.  Of course, I’m always concerned with ingredients in cosmetics unless I know for a fact that they’re safe, but otherwise I would highly recommend these Chanel beauty products.

I also cleaned some vintage jewelry I recently acquired this weekend.  I found a great recipe for homemade jewelry cleaner on Pinterest (recipe found here).  It was safe, non-toxic and had great results.  Many people who commented on the site also stated that it works especially well on plated silver pieces.

Before – in the tin they arrived in
2014-12-27 18.31.40 (2)

Have a nice rest of your weekend.  🙂

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