Vol De Nuit (I)

2014-12-30 17.52.21 (2)

Created by Jacques Guerlain, launched in 1933, the name Vol De Nuit, or Night Flying in English, was inspired by the romantic Antoine Saint Exupery novel Night Flight.  The eau de parfum bottle currently has a relief of an aircraft propeller (Guerlain 1933).

2014-12-30 17.50.41-1 (2)

2014-12-30 17.49.25 (2)

2014-12-30 17.51.28 (2)

When I first tried Guerlain, Vol De Nuit I was surprised by how green it was since, in my experience, most 1930’s scents aren’t very “green.” However, even though it’s “green” Vol De Nuit does have a certain Art Deco, harmonious, lush “Guerlainade” quality.  This Guerlain classic is powdery, slightly but pleasingly sweet and towards the beginning of the drydown it reminds me of the spicy wonder found in Rochas Femme.

Vol De Nuit is a masterpiece in fact.  I enjoy wearing it immensely.  And, tonight, for New Year’s Eve, it will certainly be applied with a heavy hand…

2014-12-30 17.49.59-2 (2)

I’ll be writing this post in two parts. So, more to come…

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