Love Potion

Along with a ton of other samples from Tata Harper I received with a recent purchase, there was a little decant of Love Potion, or “liquid love” as Tata Harper calls it.  I’m not sure I agree totally, and actually, while I find it fresh and pleasant I wouldn’t exactly call it an aphrodisiac (at least not on my skin), except maybe during the late drydown when it becomes earthy and faintly romantic in a sort of youthful, rural, and genteel sort of way.  In any case, it’s very safe to use and I have to give Tata Harper a lot of credit for that…

2015-01-01 14.58.58 (2)

The rest of the samples are basically spectacular or darn near close.  My skin is thoroughly enjoying the Tata Harper goodness.

2015-01-01 14.32.49 (2)

While I don’t usually use a cleanser (I’ll sometimes exfoliate with baking soda, but only “clean” with water) I like the Purifying Cleanser.  It smells very strongly of citronella, but it’s not a bad smell at all, and while there isn’t much of a soapy lather, it definitely cleanses the skin.  It also seems to leave the skin feeling a little bit moisturized.

2015-01-01 14.30.00 (2)

The Rejevenating Serum is very nice.  It probably isn’t anything out of the ordinary for a Rejuvenating Serum, but it absorbs well, smells nice and is of course a safer alternative to your average serum.

2015-01-01 14.30.56 (2)

I quite liked the Repairative Moisturizer.  It absorbs super well, is light, but very hydrating and has a faint pleasing scent.  It’s also, of course, a ingredient-safe moisturizer.

2015-01-01 14.31.50 (2)

I’m a huge fan of the Resurfacing Mask.  First of all, the color is peachy, and the feel is unique – sort of like a soft, velvety gel.  The smell is lovely.  I have no idea why, but it reminds me of the smell inside an old suitcase my mother carried around the world on her adventures when she was a very young woman.  I’ve often wondered what fragrance was trapped inside that suitcase, and the fact that this smells the same is encouraging. I have occasionally felt very wistful about that suitcase because at some point years ago, it was lost somewhere.

Anyway, this mask works. It’s tightening, it shrinks the pores and it leaves the skin looking a bit more flawless in general than before.  It does provide the “instant glow” as promised.

Again, I’m a huge fan.

2015-01-01 14.31.59 (2)

And, I love, love the Volumizing, Lip and Cheek Tint.  It is smooth, it melts beautifully into the skin, and is faintly moisturizing.  It somhow manages to be both a skin improving product and the most perfect blush/lip tint I’ve ever used in my life.  This stuff is worth it.  I’m planning to definitely purchase this at some point sooner than later. And, bonus, it oddly seems that the color one picks doesn’t matter.  I used a color (Very Vivacious) I would NEVER pick for my skin tone, and it worked extremely well.  I’m impressed Tata Harper.  I’m impressed…

2015-01-01 14.57.58 (3)

2015-01-01 14.58.22 (2)

We had a pleasant end to our holidays.  We went antiquing (are you shocked?) and to Ikea (again, are you shocked?).  🙂

2015-01-01 16.35.23 (2)

2015-01-01 16.43.22 (2)

2015-01-01 16.46.38 (2)

2015-01-01 17.03.11 (2)Later at Ikea (and by the way, as I’m writing this, I have Taylor Swift’s Welcome to New York stuck in my head – an odd choice for this post, but cheerful indeed)…

2015-01-01 17.58.54

North Face black coat, old shoes, Banana Republic jeans, American Giant sweatshirt (Christmas gift from my father-in-law), old shirt, diamond studs, and skin by Tata Harper
North Face black coat, old shoes, Banana Republic jeans, American Giant sweatshirt (Christmas gift from my father-in-law), old shirt, diamond studs, and skin by Tata Harper

Have a nice rest of your week. 🙂

2015-01-01 22.05.32-2 (2)

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