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Vintage Lanvin, Scandal Extrait

The well-regarded perfume blog, Perfume Shrine, notes that Scandal by Lanvin (Lanvin 1931), is widely held as one of the most, if not the most, exquisite leather fragrances ever created.  Frankly, I can see why

What a perfume. Good grief.

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It’s beautiful, sweet, sensuous, feminine leather with a razor sharp edge.  In my estimation, Scandal is almost a wilder, more saucy version of My Sin with leather and incense.   There’s something in Scandal that reminds me of wood burning in a fireplace, similar to My Sin, but I can’t find any notes listed that account for it…  Scandal also manages to be a great floral fragrance with notes listed of rose, ylang ylang and iris.

And, really it’s just amazing in the drydown.  Scandal becomes especially fruity (again nothing other than citrus listed), vanilla soft, powdery, aldehydic and if finely chiseled marble had a scent it would be best captured in the drydown of this Lanvin masterpiece.

2015-01-04 15.54.00 (4)

I think Scandal, at least in name (it’s a 1930’s scent and Downton is only in 1924), also suits the mood created by the first episode of Downton Abbey this season. Lots of drama is brewing…

I still say that I miss the character of Matthew, as played by Dan Stevens (I wish he would have decided to stay)…  I just don’t feel like the show has been the same since he died.   I think his death was like if they had decided to kill Roger Sterling or Joan on Mad Men during the third season, or if Gilbert in Anne of Green Gables had suddenly, and horrifically died too early – it doesn’t seem like the best fit for the series.  Thankfully though, it appears that this season is going to be better than the last.

However, I do have a few requests… Can the “Thomas does evil” storyline end now please, and can we just put this business with Bates to a close?  Also, can Mary and Tom please, please fall secretly in love?  I think that would be kind of exciting.  I don’t really like any of her suitors (do you?) and watching the dynamics of a developing romance between those two would be fascinating. Even if the writers would have to squish the characters around a bit and mold them to make it work, I would love to watch (would you?).   I think they would make a handsome couple…  Or can we just say goodbye to Ms. Bunting and Mary’s current group of men and get some fresh faces? 🙂

Just a few thoughts…

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