31 Rue Cambon

So, to start with, I would like to apologize for a glaring historical error in yesterday’s post.  For some reason I made King George VI and King George V the same person…  And, not only did I make King George V and King George VI one monarch but of course I also aged Queen Elizabeth II by decades and altered the plot of an Academy Award winning movie.  Being an Anglophile it was an incredibly stupid mistake to make, but alas, for whatever reason my logic and memory took a momentary pause.  Sorry.  I’ve corrected yesterday’s post.

Anyway, I’ve decided to add a few flourishes to my posts.  On Mondays I’m going to primarily focus on samples I’ve acquired of both perfume and occasionally other beauty products.  On Wednesdays I’ll be discussing a “book of the week” (along with one fragrance) and on Fridays I’ll have a weekly “reflection” piece (along with one scent) since it’s been very difficult to do two posts that day given how busy things seem to always get.  Sundays will be more open…

Today, in accordance with my new weekly formula, I’m going to discuss a sample I received of Les Exclusifs de Chanel, 31 Rue Cambon (Chanel 2007).

IMG_3302 (2)

31 Rue Cambon is the address Chanel started at in Paris.  In 31 Rue Cambon the fragrance, there is a strong white floral opening, a woody note, and something that makes it smell vintage and soapy in a pretty, country cottage gets a spring cleaning sort of way.  Then 31 Rue Cambon becomes very modern, and even a bit sweet. It feels warm, friendly and French.  And interestingly, during the late drydown it reminds me slightly of Chloé Narcisse.

I can’t say that it’s one of my favorite Chanel fragrances but of course it is a Chanel so I inevitably like it a lot…

IMG_3301 (2)

We finally found a great place to locally buy loose leaf tea.  The store we found has a tea room and an adjoining tea shop…

IMG_1135 (2)

IMG_1133We found a tea warmer and three boxes of great tea: a spicy decaf blend, a rich black blend, and a fantastic vanilla rooibos.  And although a customer in the store was insistent that we should buy another tea warmer that was “much more elegant” in her opinion (I’m pretty sure we ran into the real life version of Hyacinth Bucket), I can’t say that I’ve been the least bit disappointed with any of the items we purchased.  🙂

IMG_1134 (2)

And ah Downton Abbey…  Sigh.

Ok.  I really don’t like Lord Gillingham for Mary.

First of all, I’m sorry, but how awful was that scheduled sex event?  And really, from my perspective, that’s what their little rendezvous seemed to be turning into –  efficient intercourse that Lord Gillingham had already decided was going to be fantastic for everyone involved (after a tasty dinner of course).

I mean I know that scheduling romance can happen with couples sometimes, such as couples who are hoping to become pregnant, but their “meeting” was just so sad in my opinion.  When Mary used the name Crawley it made it even more depressing. Aren’t they supposed to be breaking with the norms of their era and not following the rules?  Why isn’t it more of a rush, or wild or something for them?  Are they really even that into each other? Was Lord Gillingham going to ring a bell or make a formal announcement to start their activities? It was just so awkward.

Again, why can’t Tom and Mary have a few misty, Merchant-Ivory walks around the countryside or a revealing conversation late in the evening?  I bet even if they just held each other’s gaze for a minute too long that it would blow the non-existent thing between “Mr. Foyle” and “Miss Crawley” out of the water…

And, was that a more human, thoughtful Thomas I saw talking with Anna?  Is it possible?  I surely hope so…


Until Wednesday.

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