2015-01-15 17.23.03

Malabah,  a scent for women, was launched by Penhaligons in 2003.  It was, “…inspired by an imaginery journey along the East Indian spice route.”

Although it is touted as a fragrance for women, on my skin Malabah it is very masculine.   I smell the spices, especially the ginger, and it becomes what I would imagine a particularly elegant bottle of root beer would smell like as a perfume.  However, there’s an incredible richness and depth to this one and it’s quite exotic.  The sillage is moderate and the longetivity is short but it’s a pleasing scent.

During the drydown it’s very pretty – fresh, herbal and almost minty (although that’s not listed as a note).  I imagine a couple from the 30’s or 40’s sitting in a greenhouse solarium on a country estate in England having their morning tea, and I suppose that make sense since tea is listed as a note along with spices and green notes.

2015-01-17 16.54.13 (2)

2015-01-17 16.53.33 (2)

2015-01-17 16.53.41 (2)

Here in the Midwest it was a nice weekend for being outside.  We enjoyed it as a family by making a snowman and going sledding…

2015-01-17 16.43.04

Until tomorrow…

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