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In 1907 Coty created L’Effleurt, the fragrance that L’Effleur (Coty 1990) was based on.  I haven’t smelled L’Effleurt – it was discontinued in 1938 – but since it’s a more vintage version of L’Effleur (also discontinued in the mid 1990’s) I have a guess that I would love it since I really enjoy L’Effleur.  It’s a very fresh, floral scent. Imagine walking through a garden right after a good rain storm and that’s the sort of olfactory experience created by L’Effleur.

L’Effleur’s notes are listed as: citrus, aldehydes, fresh cut flowers and green notes.

I think this week feels a bit wobbly in my estimation – it feels off-center.  I’ve been searching for missing words to express feelings and create a context for my life.  It’s been a little odd and disconcerting here and there.

Tomorrow I’m getting my hair highlighted and trimmed.  Finally.  It might sound vain or vapid or both, but I think for many people, including myself, having one’s hair under control is somewhat important to maintaining sanity. I’m serious.  I mean, there’s so much in this life that we can’t control, or shouldn’t control, but our hair… well… that’s one area we are fully allowed, encouraged, and often can control things – make real decisions.  When I was in high school and college and would get stressed or feel the need for overt self expression I would often dye my hair bold, vibrant colors.  It helped.

I’m actually a little worried that this week’s oddness will have a negative effect on things tomorrow at the salon.  I worry that I will make a bad decision and do something to my hair that I will regret.  I need to keep myself in check I think.

I’ll just post a photo of my hair on here Monday to keep myself accountable…

Thanks for reading my blog. (I don’t say that enough) 🙂  Until Sunday…

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