I’ve discussed Hové Parfumeur of New Orleans before, but not Heliotrope in particular.  It’s like a soft, sweet southern breeze from the past with a strong but delicious vanilla note intermingled with charming floral notes.  In the drydown the vanilla becomes even more of a powerhouse, but it’s so ridicously gracious (and vintage) that I can’t say I mind at all.  The sillage is nice too.  Even my husband who rarely smells most perfume I wear from a distance could detect this one and he seemed to really like it…

2014-12-30 18.12.24 (2)

Heliotrope was actually a birthday present from my husband last year as part of a group of samplers from Hové.   And, even though I technically don’t do samples on Fridays I’ll make an exception for this fragrance because wearing it today is exactly what I need to both calm my mind and brighten my mood and it’s a rather large sample…

Anyway, sorry for the short discussion about the fragrance of the day.  This has been one awful week.  Usually, it’s just busy, but this week…  was miserable.  One of our parents will be having heart surgery in a month, and I’ve been beyond exhausted and stressed out about many things. 

The thing is, when you’re a child life feels like it will last forever.  Hours take so long.  You feel so alive and your parents seem like they’ll be around as long as you.  If you stop to really think otherwise it doesn’t even work because the present feels so real, so solid and invincible at that age that anything contrary just rings false.  But, you can hardly wait to grow-up so you can really enjoy everything with what feels like never-ending youth. Time is on your side… or so it seems.

Then you do grow up and you’re stuck, for better or for worse, and time goes by way too fast.  Every second disolves before it begins (sorry if this is sounding very cliché at this point). You look back at your childhood and it still seems so recent but it’s not – so totally vivid and real but of course, in truth, it’s gone. Then you see what’s coming next…

It’s wonderfully sobering and we all go through it.  All of us.  And in that regard, we are never unique, or just one person alone in a situation.  We all must pass through the same doors at the start and in the end.  🙂

I just hope that my parent will stick around a bit longer so we can enjoy them for years to come (as fast as those years might go.)  And I’m thankful for the ones I’ve had…

We’re also considering moving again…  There’s a good position at a company where my husband would have more room to grow in his career and it would also bring us a step closer to our dream of moving to the UK.  It’s a good thing, but also just another stressor to add to the mix…


Anyway, until Sunday…

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