Chance Eau Fraiche:

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The floral chypre by Chanel, Chance Eau Fraiche (Chanel 2007) is supposedly a woman’s fragrance, but I think it’s really more unisex.  It starts off clean and fresh with lots of citrus and is very 2000’s Chanel – it reminds me a bit of Coco Mademoiselle.  During the drydown the cedar, vetiver, pink pepper and teak wood are all present. And, while floral notes are there they don’t take center stage until the very late drydown and then only in a musky sweet harmony.  Chance Eau Fraiche has excellent sillage and longevity.

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I did a bit of research to find this product – Cerave Skin Renewing Night Cream.  And yes, it is a night cream.  I previously, in accordance with the Dr. Hauschka recommendations, only used moisturizers during the day, and it worked wonderfully to clear-up my skin. However, the air has been very cold and dry here in the Midwest and my skin was not happy.  So, I figured it was time to try something new.  I’m glad I did.  This is a great moisturizer.  The ingredients are fairly safe, the price is a steal, and my skin looks a lot better since I started using it.  My fine lines are very diminished, and my skin is softer, brighter, firmer and my pores are even smaller.  AND it hasn’t caused break-outs.  At all.  Of course, it’s in a jar, and that’s not optimal, but I can deal…

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Have you ever used thermal spring water spray?  I hadn’t until I did a bit of sleuthing and discovered that it’s supposedly a drugstore favorite in Europe.  Anyway, it’s marvelous (the hype is true).  It works as a daytime refresher, a post cleansing light moisturizer, to set make-up, and it basically just really soothes the skin.  I even used it on a bit of razor burn on my legs (they’re dry too) and it did wonders.  I cannot recommend this stuff enough.  And, Avène is supposedly one of (if not the) best brands.  I wouldn’t doubt it.

2015-02-19 19.09.17 (2)

And, then there’s Egyptian Magic.  I am not pleased.  Well, not entirely.  I purchased it after reading a lot of raving reviews and while it did moisturize my skin somewhat it also caused a painful pimple to erupt and didn’t seem to do much for my fine lines.  It’s also a very greasy formula (and it’s in a jar).  I may try it again when I’m less stressed and my skin is less dry to see what happens.  Perhaps it could be used as a moisturizing mask in the right conditions or maybe my husband would have a better experience…  We’ll see.

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Yesterday I posted a photo of myself wearing Dior Rouge, Trafalgar 844.  I was very pleased with this lipstick.  The color is an orangey/true red and I imagine it would be very flattering for a lot of skin tones.  I did read, however, that it compliments blond hair well, that’s why I picked it, and it did seem to work well so perhaps there’s a bit of truth there.  It isn’t particularly moisturizing but it felt pleasant on, it wasn’t very drying, and it left behind a pretty pink stain.  It also applied very easily and I didn’t have to reapply it often, even after drinking a latte and a bottle of water.  I was pleased.

Last night, I didn’t watch as much of the Oscars as I had planned, but I did decide that the beautiful Scarlett Johansson’s ensemble was a green disaster (the matching neck thing was just comical, I’m sorry) and Rosamund Pike’s red dress stole the red carpet.  I have yet to see most of the films awarded Oscars so I cannot comment with any confidence about the actual show.  Some of the films look very promising (obviously).

Downton Abbey was such a respite last night that I’m not going to say much other than to once more state that I am thoroughly enjoying this wonderful show again.  I don’t care if you call it a soap opera or not, it’s just so good.

Until Wednesday.

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