Aromatics Elixir

DSC00031 (2)

Warm, comforting, enchantingly green, a bit powdery and very balsamic, Clinique’s Aromatics Elixir is a unique floral-chypre (Clinique 1975).  It reminds me of a burning candle (the sort made totally of real beeswax), a glass of hot apple cider (although it’s not a fruity scent) and a good book.   Except, it’s also somehow clean and chic with citrus top notes.  It epitomizes the long haired, flowy, “natural” look of the 70’s combined with a certain timeless sensibility.

While many hate Aromatics Elixir (just check out a list of most hated fragrances online and you’ll be sure to find it) others find it enchanting.  I find it enchanting.  I think it all comes down to skin chemistry and personal taste…

For starters, I rarely have a problem with sillage (how much people can smell your perfume). In fact, my husband has often been known to rely on asking whether or not I’m wearing something unless I douse myself in scent or he’s right next to me. So, the strength some people detest about Aromatics Elixir works for me quite well – I don’t have to drown myself just to “wear” the perfume.  And, the sharpness, edge or medicinal quality of this fragrance seems more “elegant hippie” with my chemistry than organic cough syrup – I can smell the patchouli but it’s tempered by equally clear incense, wood and floral notes (especially rose).  There are some fragrances that are destroyed with my chemistry but I can wear this one and I enjoy it…  I feel like it’s something Farrah Fawcett (circa Charlie’s Angels) would have worn while skiing in the Swiss Alps.

Until later.

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