Wind Song

Wind Song by Prince Matchabelli (Prince Matchabelli 1953) was one of my aunt’s favorite fragrances. This weekend her and my uncle (they both are my mother’s siblings) were staying here to help with my mother after her surgery.  It was a busy weekend, but we were all extremely relieved when my mother came through the surgery well and then proceeded into the recovery phase without any problems.  And, last night after eating a celebratory dinner my aunt and uncle treated us to, I brought out a bottle of Wind Song.

IMG_3749 (2)

It was lovely to see my aunt sigh with fondness over the scent wafting from her wrist.  One could tell that she had positive associations with the fragrance as she said with a smile, “…I haven’t smelled Wind Song in years…”

It really is a pretty gem of a fragrance.  It’s powdery, but very 1950’s – floral, clean (nearly soapy), with citrus top notes and a delightfully free-wheeling, intelligent mix of tarragon, cloves, and coriander.  I imagine Audrey Hepburn riding around Rome with Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday or my aunt in the 1960’s traveling around the world (she was in the Peace Corps when it was just starting) with an optimistic, gregarious, joie de vivre.  There’s depth, warmth and life in Wind Song.  It’s enveloping and endearing with its sandalwood, spicy comfort but it won’t fence you in – vive la liberté.

wind song

After they left and after our son went to sleep, I had a nice glass of red wine.  It was the perfect way to end a Saturday.

Today, I’m looking forward to watching Downton Abbey, of course, and I’ll be excited to see my mother progress towards feeling even better.  Big sigh of relief.

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