Gay Life

DSC01712 (2)

I wasn’t sure whether or not to use this fragrance in a post.  I was worried someone somewhere would find it offensive.  For example, some people might think I’m “promoting” homosexuality (seriously, I can see someone thinking that despite how ridiculous that might sound) or other people might think that posting this fragrance is a subtle homophobic joke.  However, the other day I was discussing this blog with a family friend, Megan, and she said something like, “Eh…  I think you should just do it and explain yourself.  I mean, it sounds like a fun perfume.”  So, just to clarify, while I do find it fascinating how the usage of the word gay has changed over the years, I’m not trying to make bigoted jokes or share my opinion on homosexuality in a passive agressive way…

All that being said, I actually think the original meaning of the name (gay as a synonym for happy) of this perfume is sort of intriguing in it’s own right.  I mean, what a bold name…  Gay Life. It’s the sort of name that makes me want to try the contents out as soon as I can (again not a joke of any sort).

Based on a bit of online research, it appears that this perfume, made by Miriam Collins of Palm Beach, Florida was likely debuted in the 1940’s. Intriguingly it appears to be a lot like Chanel No. 22 (and a little of Chanel No. 5) only with something missing that leaves it more drugstore than Chanel.  So, based on Chanel No. 22 (and my nose), I would guess that there are probably notes of lily-of-the-valley, orange blossom (I definitely smell orange blossom), rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, iris, and aldehydes.   However, despite its likeness to the delightful vintage Chanels, the drydown is a bit softer, warmer and more mellow, with a sort of tangy leather burn.  It’s a lovely, very vintage fragrance.

Until Friday.

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