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Debuting in 1980, Chimere by Prince Matchabelli (Prince Matchabelli 1980) is a warm, voluptuous chypre.  It reminds me slightly of Tabu in its intense spicy sweetness.  During the drydown there are noticeable patchouli and floral notes that feel very “1980’s” in a somewhat heavy, romantic way.  It’s an elegant, poignant fragrance.  It wouldn’t be appropriate for every occasion, but I can’t think of a better scent to wear on a moonlit walk or to a concert featuring piano pieces by Mendelssohn.

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I’ve decided to start a new way of doing my “book of the week” to make it more functional.  I’m going to turn it into a “book of the month.”  So, for the rest of this month the book will be, First Year Norse, by Maren Michelet.  It was published in 1936 by The Lutheran Free Church Pub. Co and we found it at an antique store years ago.

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Since we’re trying to learn languages other than English as a family (or become more fluent in non-English languages we have some knowledge of currently) I might make flashcards of Norwegian words and distribute them throughout our home. We’ll see.  Either way, it would be fun to learn a bit of Norwegian (I have a lot of Norwegian ancestors) and maybe we’ll even be able to use it someday on a vacation to Norway or in conversing with Norwegian speakers. 🙂

Tusen Takk.

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