Carolina Herrara

DSC01696 (2)

(Please note that even though the bottle says CH, I believe this to definitely be Carolina Herrera, Carolina Herrera and not her later CH fragrance released in the late 1990’s)

Carolina Herrera, Carolina Herrera (Carolina Herrera 1988) is a strong floral with particularly stand out notes of daffodil (narcissus), tuberose, jasmine, honeysuckle and lily-of-the-valley.   Held at a distance I find it to be somewhat pretty on my skin but overall this super sweet and creamy 1980’s powerhouse is a bit overwhelming at first sniff.   However, it starts to grow on one after a while…

Carolina Herrera is bright and very cheerful and it conjures up memories of vacations to the tropics with a certain sensual glow.  And, to add a bit of drama it has an unexpected and mysterious edginess.  In fact, it’s rumored to be (or was) a favorite scent of Angelina Jolie and I think most of the elements of this perfume suit the public perception of her well.


Carolina Herrera reminds me of tropical breezes…

And so ends a week I’m glad to be done with.  Sigh.  My husband is studying for an actuarial exam and I’m on mom duty almost constantly.  Combined with a bunch of nonesense this week I’m glad it’s Friday (although the studying will continue for about a month longer, but eh).

Have a nice end of your week and start to your weekend.  🙂

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