Spring Fiesta

2015-03-09 12.49.38

Hové Parfumeur, Spring Fiesta is a sweet, spicy vintage floral that speaks of the Deep South in bloom.  If you mixed fresh cut roses, vanilla beans, sugar cubes and soft, delicious, 100% real butter together into a scent, I believe it would be Spring Fiesta.  Spring Fiesta reminds me a bit of L’Heure Bleue in its pastry-like sweetness, but with vibrant, clearly discernible rose petals (and they are gorgeous).

Sadly, however, Spring Fiesta was recently discontinued by Hové, so if you want to find a bit of his sugary, gorgeous spring scent you may have to do some searching.  To find other similar gems search Hové Parfumeur, of New Orleans, here.

And now for a few product reviews…

IMG_3611 (2)

I found a sample for Olay Regenerist Luminous, Tone Perfecting Cream in a copy of Elle magazine and decided to try it. While it wasn’t totally terrible, it was chalky (my skin seriously looked like it had chalk on it) greasy and wasn’t easily absorbed – I could see dried clumps of it on my skin (ick).  It was also heavily fragranced with a very soapy/chemically smelling scent and I’m afraid it would make my skin break out with continued use (and it burned at first too).  However, on the positive side it was actually creamy and smooth to apply and it did leave my skin looking a little better (minus the dried bits, chalkiness and potential acne).  Of course, overall, it wasn’t exactly a winner.
IMG_3612 (2)
I also tried RMS Beauty, Eye Polish.  It comes in seven shades and I sampled Imagine, and purchased Lunar.

2015-01-15 17.08.18

Imagine is…  “interesting” (read awful) given my coloring, although I think if you have any dark shadows under your eyes, regardless of your coloring, you might look ill wearing it too.  Imagine might be flattering on certain people though, and I would encourage them to use it (as long as they didn’t breakout from coconut oil) because it does apply fairly well and has a nice sort of subtlety (a metallic, silvery brown/wine color – close to Pantone’s color of the year – Marsala).

2015-01-15 17.11.13 (2)

Lunar is slightly better on my skin than Imagine.  It’s not great – it washes me out somehow (I have warm/neutral coloring) but it can be used as a highlighter around my eyes and I’ll use it as that.  It’s a very light, shimmery golden white/off-white.

2015-01-15 17.14.17
Lunar on the left and Imagine on the right.

So, while appreciate the quality of RMS Beauty Eye Polish the colors didn’t work well on me and I wasn’t so impressed with the consistency of the polishes that I care to experiment with the other colors.  If you’re curious about RMS Beauty Eye Polish I recommend trying to get a sample (if possible) first.

Until Wednesday.  🙂

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