DSC01705 (2)

Colette by Tocca from 2010 is a super pretty, citrusy floral scent.  It’s very bright, especially at first.  During the drydown it continues on with its lightness, although it slightly mellows.  There’s something enigmatic about Colette, and perhaps it can at least partially be explained by the wide use of citrusy top notes (bergamot, lemon, mandarin orange) combined with the warm base notes, including the unusual choice of pine needles.

DSC01701 (2)

I found my bottle on Sephora in a Tocca gift set that also included Cleopatra.  Of course, on the back of the set, as per the usual Tocca custom, they’ve written, “love yourself”.  I’ve always liked Tocca and I particularly like Colette (I love violet, mandarin orange, and Amalfi lemon).

DSC01702 (2)Top notes: bergamot, mandarin, Amalfi lemon, mandarin orange, and juniper berry.

Middle notes: pink peppercorn, jasmine, violet, and cyclamen.

Base notes: incense, sandalwood, musk, amber, vanilla, pine needles and Virginia cedar.

Until tomorrow. 🙂

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