Marc Jacobs

2015-03-09 12.27.01 (2)

Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs 2001) is a graceful, lush, floral super gardenia.  It has an aquatic bent, with white pepper, tuberose, honeysuckle, cedar, musk and jasmine notes creating a delicate balance. Marc Jacobs is quietly passionate, earnest, and springlike.

In college it was one of my favorite scents.  When I wear it now I imagine cool green grass, quiet woods, and flowers (it’s not a coincidence that this is also a description of my alma mater’s campus grounds in the spring).

The drydown is what I remember from before the most and I can see why.  At first this scent is pretty, but in the drydown it really “blooms on my skin”  and becomes a dazzling, high pitched bouquet with the spotlight still on an aquatic gardenia. Unlike what many people describe in their reviews of Marc Jacobs, this is not a linear scent on my skin.  Perhaps this is one of those fragrances that varies wildly by wearer.  I think that little bit of mystery adds to the charm of Marc Jacobs…

2015-03-09 12.26.37 (2)

This week, we had two flat tires, tons of studying, and other busy goings on that I can’t really even remember at this moment.  Sometimes during the day, when I’m really tired, I feel like each second goes by so slow, but then at the end of the day, or the week, or month, I feel like my life is moving with a savage quickness.  And, that’s cliché, of course, but in my mind also worth noting.

Perhaps one of the few times during my week when time seems to go by at a “normal” pace is when I’m writing these posts…  🙂  So, thank you, again, for reading.  I hope your week is ending nicely.  🙂

Until Sunday.

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