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Rain by Clean (Clean 2012) is a floral aquatic, and as such it smells a great deal like Davidoff, Cool Water – ozonic, very clean, bright, and slightly floral.  It does smell a bit like a rainy day, but only a warm rainy day, and on that rainy warm day you would have to be standing near rain drenched foliage to really come close to smelling anything resembling this scent.

Of all the notes listed, water lily and melon are the strongest.  Sillage is moderate and longevity is weak to moderate.

2015-02-19 19.03.35 (2)

I’ve always loved the milky, slightly floral fresh scent of L’Occitane moisturizers.  Matter of fact, most L’Occitane products smell perfect in my opinion, but I digress…  L’Occitane, Ultra Rich Cream smells lovely of course, applies like a dream and leaves my skin dewy, soft, with a lightly scented powdery smoothness. The effect seems to last a while too…   It’s not a moisturizer that wears away quickly, only to leave your skin drier than before.  I’m going to investigate the ingredients a bit more, but I may be purchasing this cream in the near future (on EWG’s website it’s listed as a 7 seemingly due to the fragrance – I’m going to investigate this further because I kinda love this moisturizer).

2015-04-16 17.35.04 (2)

After trying Creme de la Mer and being thoroughly impressed, I thought I should also sample the German formulation of Nivea Creme because I’ve heard it said that the two moisturizers are a lot alike and in some sources the claim has been made that German (has to be German) Nivea is actually better.  And, since the German Nivea is apparently paraben-free and, of course, much much less expensive (even to purchase online in the U.S.) than Creme de la Mer it was appealing. So I found two online sources and purchased Nivea Creme from Germany.

2015-04-16 17.35.24 (2)
Creamy thick German Nivea Creme

2015-04-16 17.35.55 (2)

I am so glad I tried this. Not only do Creme de la Mer and German Nivea Creme smell almost identical and have very similar consistencies they have very similar results, except I agree with some people’s assement that German Nivea works even better!  I honestly don’t see myself purchasing any other moisturizer ever again.  Ever. I know that sounds a bit silly, but my skin has never reacted so well to a product (I have sensitive skin) and I’m shocked by the low price.  This is it folks. You might not see me sampling many moisturizers for my face in the product reviews because frankly, I would miss how my skin looks from using German Nivea.  My skin is super soft, calm, almost totally blemish free (sincerely, it’s almost perfectly clear – not even the tiniest of anything), my fine lines are visibly diminished, my skin is glowing, it isn’t greasy, it absorbs very well and my pores are smaller and all for less than $20.00 per a tin with shipping (and it’s paraben-free)…   I’m impressed.

Until Wednesday.

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