Lily-of-the-Valley (Penhaligon’s 1976) is a gorgeous, light and sensuous fragrance. There’s a real charisma about this scent. In the beginning it’s a strong note of lily-of-the-valley but the drydown brings out the greeness.

Top notes are amalfi lemon, bergamot and geranium.  Middle notes are lily-of-the-valley, ylang ylang, rose and jasmine. Base notes are sandalwood and oakmoss.

DSC01673 (2)

So, here’s my first Saturday post.  I just have a lot to say, I guess.  🙂  And I think I’ll be sharing more in every post from now on.

And, in accordance with my new openess policy, I’ll say that so ends a horrible week.  This week seems to be fraught with emotional turmoil. I just kept having problems with people.  Oh life…

Have you ever felt so judged and misunderstood by someone that you sincerely wondered if you were in the same conversation?  Yeah, after feeling kicked in the most vulnerable spot of my soul earlier this week, I was terribly misunderstood, or so it seems. And there’s only so much a person can say to get the right idea across.

So, after all the nonsense this week I’ve come to realize that there are some things I really don’t understand:

-I don’t understand people who happily start any sort of relationship and then either destroy it or give up on it before it’s had a chance.  We had a maid once who became a good friend of mine, and was comfortable with being a friend outside of our working relationship but then chickened out, most likely, because she didn’t think we could be friends since she was once our maid.  I found that frustrating.  How do you convince people not to be so jaded?  Some people are much too sure of failure and darkness.  And some people pretend to be open-minded (it’s the popular way to be) when they really don’t even understand their own place in the world, much less someone elses.

-I don’t understand not being interested in other people’s lives. I find people fascinating.  I’m always amazed by how little people seem to want to know about other people, and how little they care about other people’s pain.  Honestly, how do people expect to get close to people unless they care?  Or are most relationships much more shallow and based on convenience than I imagine?  I don’t get it.  But I shouldn’t judge.

-Why do we sometimes trust the wrong people?  I don’t get it.  We all try to figure out if it’s safe to open up and be ourselves, but sometimes in the middle of sipping one’s tea you get punched in the face regardless of the precautions you take. Perhaps it’s not that they’re the wrong people in general, but the wrong people for us.  Not everyone can empathize with us, or hear the song of our hearts. To some people I suppose our songs sound like nails on a chalkboard or they’re too busy listening to themselves to hear us anyway.

-Why don’t men understand how vulnerable women are in regard to their beauty?  I don’t know one woman who truly believes she’s beautiful.  I don’t.  I love beauty.  I love trying to be beautiful and I don’t hate myself but I’m deeply aware of my flaws.  Also, why don’t men realize how much women want to be beautiful?   I don’t get it.

I don’t get it people.  I don’t.

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