2015-03-21 14.38.43

Minuette by Avon is terrible. Truly, it’s an awful scent.  It smells like poop.  It’s sharp, off smelling and just icky.

2015-03-21 14.38.53

I had high hopes for this scent.  It’s a lovely flacon.  It reminds me of a flower, but its contents certainly don’t smell like one.  Honestly, I’ve never smelled any perfume worse than this in my life.

Oh Avon.  Why are you so darn hit or miss?

I can’t find any notes listed anywhere and frankly smelling it is so sickening that I don’t even want to try to figure out the individual notes.  And I don’t think it’s off or tainted.  I think it was just that bad to begin with. Sometimes Avon can be a source of great scents and sometimes…  I understand why they have to hide their fragrances in plastic unicorns, miniature snowflakes and little green men.  You get the idea.


Last night I had a lovely glass of wine (Bordeaux) and sat and thought.

I thought about how confusing life is.  I thought about how cold and distant so many people seem in this world.  How little people seem to believe in anything other than their own death.

Ok. That sounds awful too, kinda like Avon Poop Minuette Perfume.  But I’m serious.

It’s a beautiful world.  And there are a ton of open-hearted, trusting, warm people.  But there’s many, many people who seem so lost.  So alone.  And I empathize with them.

Yesterday I wrote about things I don’t understand.  And, I would like to add something to that list.

I don’t understand people who don’t believe in true love…  If it seems like I keep bringing up the topic of romance, it’s because of a situation I’m watching that bothers me.

People fall out of love.  People get used.  People get blah blah blah.

But there are, damn it, there are people who love each other their whole lives.  I’ve seen that too.  I’ve always wanted that myself…  And I don’t understand people who don’t think that that’s possible.  And if I ever get so “experienced,” or old, or rigid, or cynical or dead that I don’t see that true love exists then I can only hope someone will be my “catcher in the rye” and tell me I’m wrong.

Life is both shit and roses, people.  BOTH shit and roses…  (please excuse my language)  And sometimes people unfortunately don’t see the roses and cease to believe that they exist at all.

Anyway, until tomorrow.

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