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I heard about Passion by Elizabeth Taylor for years.  Similarly to any other iconic fragrance Passion manages to find itself in literature.  It was in a book I read in junior high school.  There was this very colorful female character who wore clothes that were much too small for her, false eyelashes, fake nails, a wig and plastered on make-up.  She was the aunt of the protagonist, a young teenage girl who viewed her aunt as both exotic and tacky but still someone she hoped to vaguely imitate.  And this woman doused herself in Passion.  Matter of fact she reeked of Passion.

Oviously, given my literary introduction, I had some preconceived ideas when I recently tried Passion.  However, at first sniff I was surprised to find a very clean and musky fragrance.  It was not what I expected at all, and I liked it.  Although I generally do like orientals and this is an oriental.  It’s also very animalic, especially in the drydown…

Passion (Elizabeth Taylor 1988) is complex, sensual (hence the way it appeared in the book) and amorous.  I wonder if Elizabeth Taylor was trying to write an olfactory autobiography with this scent, since those adjectives suit her quite well too. With strong notes of sandalwood, civet, musk, and tuberose in the drydown, bergamot and coriander in the opening and ylang ylang the entire time Passion is a charming fragrance.

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Tonight we’ll be going to see Carmen. I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

My husband finished taking his test, so we can finally breath again as a family.  My son and husband spent some time at a park yesterday evening before dinner.  My son came back with sand in his hair and shoes but he was smiling.  I think they had a good time…  🙂

I can’t say it’s been the easiest week of my life but in some ways it’s been awe-inspiring and allowed me further insight into life in general.  I feel like my life is changing in some ways right now and so is the  world closest to me, but it’s the season of change so I suppose it’s fitting.

How has your week been?

Until Sunday.

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