2015-03-03 09.31.37 (3)

Beautiful (Estée Lauder 1986) is a green floral chypre.  At first I was stunned by how very geen it actually is…  It’s so green it’s utterly refreshing, but there’s a very strong floral bouquet in this scent too.  With top notes of bergamot, mandarin orange and lemon it’s also a citrusy olfactory treat.  Sillage is moderate to strong and longevity is moderate.


I think it’s interesting to consider how much of our lives we can control. I feel like I keep facing this question recently…

In the past I would have assumed much less control of my future than I now believe I have. It’s not that I felt I was a victim, but in the last few weeks I’ve realized that while much of this life is out of our control, we can still decide what we want to be open to.  If something good or bad happens to us we can either learn from it and let it encourage us into being better versions of ourselves or block it off and potentially have to face it again, or miss out on something special.

I’m feeling optimistic about a lot of things right now…


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