Suspiro de Granada

2015-05-11 18.29.08 (3)

Suspiro de Granada (Myrurgia 1922) by Myrurgia of Barcelona, Spain is the 1920’s the way I imagine a youth of that time would have lived it –  clear and in the moment with an amiable pizzazz.  It brings to mind moments of my own early adulthood, especially in college; moments when I felt incredibly alive and was so sure of my vitality that it felt free and piercing.  Of course, in my day (not that long ago) we watched “Garden State,” walked around campus barefoot and wore black hooded sweatshirts, but this has the same feeling of youth only in a beautiful Art Deco fashion.  It’s fresh, spicy like a sarsaparilla soda, gloriously warm, intense and exotic.  It’s romantic and yet uplifting.

Really, I just love it, although I think it’s not quite signature fragrance material, but more something to wear on a rainy spring day when time travel seems almost possible (this could change if I can find enough bottles – it’s so lovely).  I’m happy I found this oriental gem.

2015-05-11 18.28.02 (3)

Top notes: spices.  Middle notes: rose and carnation. Base notes: vanilla, benzoin, musk, sandalwood, and ambergris.

My book of the month is going splendidly.  So far, I’ve read about dear Sebastian (of course), and his teddy bear, Aloysius. I’ve also been engrossed in the quick moving, emotionally driving brilliance of Evelyn Waugh.  It’s been very pleasant.

Since the theme of this blog post today seems to be about youth, and lately I’ve been rummaging through my life examining things, I think it’s fitting to say that while there is always an emphasis on living a life void of regrets, I do have some.  And it’s not always things that I didn’t do, as the cliché goes.  It’s often things I did do actually.  I wish there were more people going around with that motto instead of the opposite…

So, note to self, and to others reading this, if something seems like a bad idea…  don’t do it, regardless of the many good things that could come from it or what an adventure it might be.   And while you’re at it drink more water.

Until Friday.

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