2015-05-11 18.22.57 (2)

Obsession by Calvin Klein (Calvin Klein 1985) is a powerful, unisex fragrance.  It’s sensual, rugged and very slightly amorous with strong animalic notes of civet and musk. This classic 1980’s scent is floral but clean (peach, lemon, mandarin orange) and watery with a moving sensibility.

I’m fortunate enough to have both a contemporary version and a small version of the original.  Admitedly the original is richer, deeper and generally superior, but the current formulation is nothing to shake a stick at either…  I wear both with great enjoyment.


Tonight is Mad Men.

I plan on drinking hot lemon water, wearing a Caudalie face mask (review on Monday) and just generally enjoying the last episode of a fantastic series.  I truly believe that television has been changed by this show.


I’m glad it’s spring.  It’s been raining lately and rain is one of my favorite things…  ever.  Spring is my favorite season. What’s your favorite season? Are you a lover of rain or of snow?  Sunshine?

So, as it rains outside, I’ll be wearing my cat eye glasses in preparation for the show.  And I hope that wherever you are, you’re having a nice end to your weekend too…

Until tomorrow.  🙂

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