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Knowing by Estée Lauder (Estée Lauder 1988) is one of the most beautiful fragrances I’ve ever smelled.

Previously I’ve loved and been associated with Chanel No. 22.  I adore, adore that fragrance…  But Knowing is astounding.

It has depth, intensity and beauty.  It’s overwhelming and yet unbelievably light.  It’s a rainy day, a bouquet of flowers and romantic mystery all wrapped in one luscious scent.  It’s freeing and yet it holds you in a warm embrace of comforting beauty.  And it shockingly comes from the 1980’s?  Really?  I did not see that coming…

It’s shocking but still pretty.  It isn’t scared.  At all.

If perfumes were people this scent would be a saint resting in heaven.  In the general population people rarely wear Knowing for many reasons even though it’s fairly accessible.   It’s a piece of another time, still lingering, but not often fully realized.

My signature is still Chanel No. 22, but wow…  This will turn heads.  I hope to someday be a woman who can wear Knowing and carry it off entirely…

Top notes: mimosa, aldehydes, rose, coriander, plum, green notes, melon and tuberose.  Middle notes: patchouli, bay leaf,orris root, jasmine, orange blossom, lily-of-the-valley, cedar, and cardamom.  The base: musk, amber, sandalwood, spices, oakmoss and civet.

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I’m doing a Thursday post now!  It’s too hard to wait until Friday.  I think the more I write the more I want to write…

So, let’s start things off with a true confession: last night I was drunk.  I had a bit too much German wine (so so good) and it went straight to my head.  Also, German wine is sweet.  Perfectly sweet, so it’s hard to stop drinking it. I was feeling worried, grieved, sad and confused about something going on in our family and the people who have surrounded us closely and the wine was delicious.

According to my faith, and common-sense, one shouldn’t get drunk when you’re scared, sad or totally overwhelmed.  I know better, but let’s be real, sometimes it’s nice to be slightly tipsy.  I really do know better though…

I’ve never been an alcoholic, but I’ve known many and drug addicts too actually…  I’ve always sympathized with that plight. Life is hard.  So damn hard…   Honestly, I’ve never understood people who don’t understand.  At least a little…  Pain is a very real thing my dears.  Life is a very real thing.

And this is a perfect segway into the book of the month, ta da: Brideshead Revisted (I’m discussing it now instead of Friday), a book about human suffering, in my opinion.   Nothing in life is a simple business.  People are complex creatures and our ability to destroy each other from the inside out is fantastic, especially when love and lust are involved.  This book is epic. Truly epic. The human heart is just as treacherous and frought with dangerous cliffs, perilous mountains and gaping oceans as anything ever found in the world around us.

And don’t I know it?  Don’t we all know it?  Life would be great if we could all avoid hurting each other as much as we do…

My fault is that I find beauty in pain so I don’t do what most people do to avoid it.  I find beauty in darkness and in truth.  Because it’s there.  And it’s not that I embrace evil, I just see how lovable we are and how much there is to learn in this life…  humans, that is.  We are.  We are so lovable because we all mean well in some way, at least those of us who still have something left of our sanity (and those who don’t would if they could).

So, when I get hurt I never know whether to get mad or to just smile.  That might sound crazy.  But true confessions…  are true confessions.  I truly believe most people have some goodness in them and even when they’re hurtful, if you look close enough you’ll see their worth and beauty (and I’m talking about myself too).   I also believe that goodness doesn’t originate from humans (I’m a Christian, sorry.. haha).  But anyway…  Enough rambling.

I guess basically, thanks again for reading my blog about perfume and whatever the heck is on my mind at the moment.  If you read with any consistency God bless you.  You mean more to me than you know…

And a special thank you to my husband, who is my best friend in this life…  He sees my most unattractive pain up close and still tries to show that he sees my redeemable humanity.  And for that he deserves a lot of respect.

Love to you all.  Seriously.  Lots of love…

Until Friday.  🙂

And p.s. Last night my son fell asleep listening to “Fake Empire” by The National, when usually he insists on being nursed to sleep…   It was a small (not so small) miracle. (my husband and I LOVE that band too)

Here’s a song (old Passion Pit circa 2008) that is stuck in my head and (whatever the lyrics mean) it captures my current mood to perfection: Sleepyhead, Passion Pit

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  1. Beth says:

    Hey — just to let you know I’m still reading, just very busy!

    1. karrielinn says:

      Thank you, dear sweet Beth!! Love you!

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