Vent Vert

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Vent Vert by Pierre Balmain (Pierre Balmain 1947) is a luxuriously crisp, bright, green masterpiece.  This is a classic, 1940’s floral with spices, citrus, and fruit notes.  It breezes on the skin with a light, but far short of cloying, sweetness.  It’s effervescent and stunning.

The florals (jasmine, freesia, orange blossom, neroli, violet, hiacynth, marigold, rose, ylang ylang and lily-of-the-valley) are powerful.  Matter of fact, outside of 1980’s loud florals, I don’t think I’ve ever smelled a fragrance with such a dominating bouquet of blooms at first.  But, that’s the beauty of Vent Vert – it is far from overpowering even in its vastness.

In the drydown when it becomes more green, fruity, and citrusy it transforms into a particularly feminine emphemeral beauty.  It is truly an iconic, “must smell” scent.


When I was a little girl I used to dream of being fluent in every language.  And ironically, of course, at that age it would have been easier to learn other languages than it is now.  There is so darn much that I will never know.  And I HATE that.  I love knowing things.

Knowledge often is a very redeeming asset, in my opinion.  It helps you make wise decisions and can often put an illuminating perspective on pain…  And in the void of understanding, pain can have a dull, haunting quality…  Be it relational, or physical, being able to see what something is, or was or whatever, is often very helpful.  But sometimes we’ll just never truly know.  At least, not in this life.

There are occasions though when I’ve been so desperate for answers that I’ve gone so far as to take an “artistic liscense” with the truth to get information out of people (especially when you suspect that they’re afraid of hurting you by telling you things they don’t think you want to hear)…   For example, my first true love was a young man who died before we had any chance to pursue a life together or even declare our feelings for each other, although, (rather dramatically) I discovered his feelings after his death (we’ll call him Nick).   He had the most fantastic blue eyes, (so does my husband – I love blue eyes).   And, once, to get a guy I had been unofficially “dating” (we never went on any dates or actually defined our relationship) to confess to me that he didn’t love me as deeply as he potentially could love someone else, I stretched the truth about Nick.  While at different times in my life, I’ve felt like my heart belonged to Nick and I still loved him deeply (even though he was dead), I made it sound like he was still a physical presence (even though in my heart, soul and mind he was still a very real presence).   And since we had never discussed the existence of Nick as he actually was (dead), it seemed to “work,”  (or perhaps this gentleman was starting to deeply dislike me for reasons he never told me and had nothing to lose) but of course, no matter how litterally true something is, intent counts as much as the actual words used. I was, in fact, being dishonest regardless of how confused I was or how much I wanted him to just let me go if he couldn’t truly love me.  Lies are lies…

But, far and away, the most confusing time in my life was when my husband and I were first together. There were a lot of profoundly troubling moments of deep pain (as sometimes happens in romantic relationships).  It felt a bit like drowning at times…  But then, slowly, over time, things started to become clearer and we both started gaining perspective.  Sometimes there were hard, painful truths to face, and I can’t say I was always happy with what I realized, but I was extremely glad to be out of the woods.

Florence and the Machine’s, “The Dog Days” was popular when things started making sense (for better and worse) and I remember hearing that song and totally identifying with the sense of relief she expressed. I suppose though, that we were incredibly fortunate, because, for whatever blessed reason, we managed to always be able to be friends no matter how much pain was there.  We still are…  like I wrote yesterday.  I think that the joy I heard in “The Dog Days” was as much about finding that as anything else.  Everyone needs someone they can trust.

See I told you I would eventually be more specific.

Thanks for reading…  Hopefully there was something you can relate to.

Until tomorrow.

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