2015-03-03 09.49.37 (2)There was once a drugstore chain by the name of Lander and apparently they carried their own line of fragranced items. Among those items were colognes.  And among those colognes was a scent called, Gardenia…

Gardenia, by Lander (with, most likely, a Mid-Century debut) is a watery gardenia scent that has clear notes of musk, tuberose, gardenia, carnation, jasmine, patchouli, and aldehydes.  The fragrance smells a bit like a garden in the sense that it’s a dirty gardenia, as in it literally smells a bit like dirt (probably patchouli), which is intriguing since it actually was sold in a plastic gold trowel (as pictured above).

It’s a very innocent, happy, and decent sort of scent.  There’s a 1950’s, round, blue, creamy goodness to Lander’s Gardenia Cologne.  It evokes images of a time when simple virtues were extolled.  Gardenia is a perfect light cologne for spring…

image (2)


When things are gone at first, it’s hard to know what to make of them…  At least for me.  It’s that cusp between when you finally “get it” and the period just after a death that is most difficult I think.

That cusp can be freeing though, even when it’s incredibly sad.  It reminds me of being in college, staying a day or so later than everyone else, and walking around an eerily quiet campus.  You miss the energy, and life and fellowship of your classmates and friends, but you sense that they have moved on to something better or at least more “fun” (or so you hope).  And as you look around at the structures and places that held all that life, and those memories, there’s an odd peace and thankfulness that comes – a thankfulness to be able to step back and just quietly observe the beauty of it all.  A thankfulness that the souls who once romped about the dorms and traced the paths between the dining room and the lecture halls, are off somewhere else being loud, and lively, and that for even a brief moment in time you crossed their path. It’s freeing because, if you’re blessed, there’s that moment when you can just listen to the quiet and grieve the often unfortunately transient nature of life on Earth.  Of course, it can be a bit lonely, but somewhere, they are there, and now you get a chance to fully appreciate what was.

And, as an aside, if you were in ever in classes with me in college, or knew me in those days and you’re reading this, please know that I think of you fondly.  I often wish I could go back and sit in Lottie and read a book by the big windows during the day when no one was there and it was perfectly sunny and quiet…  🙂

Until tomorrow dear reader.  🙂

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