Printemps Japonais de Galimard

2015-03-21 14.47.00 (2)

Printemps Japonais de Galimard (Galimard 1960) is super sweet, springlike, flowery and light.  It’s an elegant fragrance with an intense fruity notes.

Top notes are raspberry, plum, lemon and bergamot; middle note is rose; base notes are iris and vanilla.

All the notes above can be accounted for, and frankly that isn’t necessarily a good thing.  This isn’t the most complex fragrance, although it is pretty and perfect for a spring day.  Wearing it when it is warmer could be dangerous – it’s so intensely sweet that it could become a bit unpleasant.  So, perhaps, if you do come across this unusually sweet fragrance for a 1960’s vintage, wear it on cooler days in the early spring.


This will be my last “book of the month” post.  I’ve decided to start posting a short story I’ve written instead.  I’m just ready to be a bit creative…  So, I’ll be posting a short story every month divided into four parts – each Wednesday another part will be published.

However, today I’ll conclude my discussion of Brideshead Revisted.  Sigh.  What to say…  Well, it was written extremely well, of course…   It was a bit depressing though this time, actually, but I appreciate what brilliant Waugh was trying to convey – his deep convictions.  The fact that many of the characters find faith is intriguing to me…  And I deeply respect that.  I may need to read this book again when I’m in a different state of mind.

This week I’ve been obsessed with running outside in the rain.  There’s something so cathartic about rain and running in it even more so.  I love how fresh, and cooling the rain is.

And this week, more than any time in the recent past, I’ve had a longing to move to London.  Or who knows…  We’ll see.

But at any rate, it hit me today that many of my readers are, of course (silly me) not experiencing spring at all.  No, many of you are experiencing fall actually, or at least not spring.  So, what are you looking forward to about this winter?

Anyway, I hope you’re all having at least a pleasant week.  🙂

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