British Sterling

2015-03-21 14.53.57 (2)

So, British Sterling (British Sterling 1965), at least in vintage form, is really…  umm.  Well, it’s not something a man would probably decide to wear today unless he intended to be either ironic or very authentically vintage.

It’s not an unattractive fougere, mind you.  No.  My husband wore it for me (bless him) and it was actually kind of nice.  It had a certain masculine, powdery soft, heavy musk, oakmoss and amber feeling to it.  I can’t say that I particularly disliked it actually.  It’s just that, and I rarely say this, it felt very dated.  I smelled a wiff of British Sterling on him and within seconds I imagined a man in mid 1960’s attire, tired, a bit sweaty maybe, playing pool, drinking Schlitz in some friend’s basement home bar.  He might have been a handsome man even, who knows, but him and his British Sterling are definitely totally of their time.

If you can find a bottle of British Sterling, try it.  It’s an experience, and it’s not necessarily a bad one…  Just very vintage.

Top notes: citruses.  Middle notes: nutmeg, cedar, cinnamon, leather and spicy notes.  Base notes: amber, musk, sandalwood and oakmoss.

It’s been a very poignant week here.  How has it been for you?  There’s been a few life changing moments, or at least moments that will be remembered for years to come…

But on a much more shallow note, I desperately need to find a better shampoo and conditioner. I mean I really do…  My ends are really dry.  Any suggestions?  I have really fine hair that tends to get weighed down, but the ends…  ugh.


What are your plans for the weekend?  Anything enjoyable?  I hope so.  My husband will be studying for yet another test (statistics) and I’ll be running at some point.  Our son will probably be running too…


Until tomorrow.

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