White Shoulders

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Vintage White Shoulders by Evyan (Evyan 1945) is an intensely powdery, fruity, sweet floral.  It’s fresh, and in the vintage form is so much better than the current formulation.  It’s lovely.  The vintage version starts off with a blast of jasmine that’s fruity – reminiscent of bananas. Then comes the lush notes of lilac and lily-of-the-valley.  Eventually, it’s a shimmery green floral (although it’s considered a white floral actually) until the drydown when tuberose emerges with a gentle charm.

So, with excellent longevity, sillage and strong notes of aldehydes, peach, tuberose, lily, musk, oakmoss and lilac I would recommend purchasing vintage White Shoulders if you ever are so lucky as to find it.  You’ll be very pleased.

Top notes:  Green notes, aldehydes, bergamot, African Orange Flower, and peach.  Middle notes: gardenia, iris, jasmine, tuberose, lily-of-the-valley, lily, spices, and lilac.  Base notes: benzoin, amber, sandalwood, oakmoss, civetta and musk. 

Short story of the month:  My Reunion is in June

Part One:

Ten years ago I graduated from high school.  Those years have gone by extremely quickly.
After graduation I spent five years on my undergraduate degree.  And, of course, with a degree in social work, after graduation I pretty much had to finish my masters degree to find a good job, so I did.

I worked as a social worker for about three years in Indianapolis (where I’m from) before moving to Des Moines, Iowa where I live now.  When I first moved to Des Moines I was so lonely, but thankfully I met my best friend Andrea at my office. She’s awesome.

I feel like a person’s 20’s are the most anxious and yet thrilling years of your life.   Well, that is, speaking from the vantage point of 28 year old (so what do I know) and based on what people who are older tell me.

Anyhow, this year is my ten year high school reunion.  It’s in June.  And, I’ve decided to go because I feel like if I don’t I’ll be letting myself down.  I never went to my high school prom, or really any of the school dances and I regret it.  At the time I thought I was being a non-conformist, but looking back at it, I realize that I was just avoiding the fact that no one would have asked me, I didn’t know who to ask and I didn’t want to go alone.

I’m also sort of hoping to run into a guy I knew in high school named Ryan.  I had such a crush on him.  He was totally out of my league then, or so I thought.  I remember one time he asked me to help him with his chemistry homework (I was a total nerd) and I thought I might have a chance.  I was, of course, wrong.  It became very clear within the first half an hour that he saw me as a brain only, which was sort of heartbreaking actually, but I had fully anticipated it and didn’t take it the wrong way.

He called Christine Rosenthal up to him at one point and they made eyes at each other, kissed, poked each other and she giggled for a few minutes until she decided to leave.  Apparently they thought I had special “nerd vision” and was therefore blind to what they were doing…

Anyway, right after graduation Ryan ran into me by the big stairwell near the gymnasium and said, “Hey, Katie,” (short for Katherine) “…I just wanted to say thank you for helping me again.”  He seemed a bit bashful, looked down at the ground for a second with his stunning soft brown eyes and then said sweetly, “I really wish we had gotten to know each other better. You always seemed like a cool girl secretly.”  I was speechless.

“Yeah.  Me too.  That would have been great.”  I tried to sound nonchalant and relaxed.

He half smiled and half shrugged.  Our eyes met for a second – a second too long.  And then he smiled smoothly and with more finese than a teenage guy should ever have, said, “Have a great summer chica!”  He walked off calm and collected, leaving me standing wondering what to do with my arms.  How the heck did they suddenly become so weird feeling?

That was the last time that I saw Ryan.  And despite other boyfriends I’ve had (not that many), I’ve never forgotten that moment years and years ago now, when for a second I had the full attention of the one guy I had been gazing soulfully at for almost four years.  And, he seemed like he might even be a little, maybe a little, into me too.

So, three weeks from now, when I go back to Indiana and attend my high school ten year reunion, I’m sort of cautiously excited to see what might happen.  I’m feeling really anxious actually. I started about six months ago with trying to watch everything that I eat so I’ll look good.  I have a personal trainer who forces me to push my limits.  And, I’ve honestly never looked better in my life.  Seriously.  I was a late bloomer.  And yet strangely, all my preparation has only made me feel more nervous.  I barely recognize myself even though I’ve been working out and eating well for years now.  But I want to be ready…

_End of Part I_

And on a non-fictional, personal, real note…

I’m realizing this week that I need to learn to “listen to myself more.”  I am an optimist by nature and it’s hard for me give up on things.  I always see how they could work out.  And, sometimes this tendency comes in handy.  Matter of fact, it’s helped me through some extremely difficult times in life, but other times it’s created them.  So, the next time, no matter what, when I feel a gut sense that something is a bad idea and will only end badly I hope I’ll have the sense to stop and take a second. As unpopular as it is to be negative, sometimes what seems “negative” can actually just be being realistic. That’s not to say that I’m going to give up hope on things that I care about or dream of.  No.  However, I’m going to be smarter next time. Lesson learned.

I hope you’re having at least an ok week my dears.  🙂

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