Most Precious

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Evyan Most Precious  (Evyan 1958) is a truly pretty fragrance.  It starts a bit reminiscent of vintage Evyan White Shoulders with jasmine and lily-of-the-valley, but it’s more airy, intensely ethereal, and melancholy, with strong notes of heliotrope, gardenia and rose.  It actually reminds me a bit of Hové Heliotrope with just how deep and sincere the heliotrop note is…

This is probably one of the prettiest scents I’ve ever smelled, and yes, I know I gush about more than a few fragrances here and there…  But seriously, Most Precious really is a bit magical, especially with that lyrical base note of coumarin tethering the floating florals above.  It’s the olfactory equivalent of the perfect, mint condition vintage day dress from the 1950’s that fits like an elegant glove. You could never find anything exactly like this nowadays and that’s a shame.

Notes of: tarragon, heliotrope, anise oil, lemon, lily-of-the-valley, ylang ylang, jasmine, orange flower, gardenia, rose, tonka, and coumarin.

Part II: My Reunion is in June

I’m heading back to Indianapolis this weekend by car.  I was going to fly there, but I thought it could be fun to drive.  The scenery between Des Moines and Indianapolis can be pretty in a sort of Midwestern, sunlight and farms sort of way.

I’ve already packed almost everything in my car that I need, including several mix cds.  Do people still make those?  I do.

Tonight I’ve decided to have coffee with my best friend Andrea.  We always meet at the Grounds Beneath Us Coffee Shop on Excalibur Blvd. near the big shopping center.  It’s very Hipster chic. Most of the time we manage to find a nice quiet table though, and they have great cheap coffee.

As Andrea walks in the door I’m just sitting down at a table and starting to take a few sips of my steaming hot coffee (no sugar lots of cream).  She sees me, waves silently and I wave back.  Thankfully the line is short and we quickly say hello as she sits down with her usual decaf espresso.

“So, how has your week been?” She starts. I notice randomly that she’s wearing a really cute silver ring that looks like a goldfish.  Andrea has such a fashion forward but quirky sensibility.

“Ok.  I’m extremely nervous about this weekend, but I’m ok.”  I rub my hands into my temples and feel my stomach twirl in butterflies as I speak.  “How has your week been?”

“Really great actually.”  She sounds like she means this, but her tone is off.  It almost sounds sarcastic. I wonder why.

“Really?  How so?”

“I just feel like I’ve been unusually productive.  I don’t know what’s going on.”  She looks confused.

“Hmm…”  I say empathetically.

“I mean, Spencer has been gone the entire week, and I wonder if that’s part of it.”  She’s shaking her entire body with the movement of her one leg now, as it’s crossed over the other.  She looks off into the distance with an expression of annoyance – lips pressed sharply together.

“Hmm…”  I add an upward twist at the end of my hmm this time to show that I’m intrigued.

“Yeah.  I mean, he’s constantly trying to talk with me and sometimes I just want him to go away.  Like the other day he was telling me about this barbecue he had over the weekend.  He literally went on for two hours about how much the meat cost, how heavy it was to carry it all into his car and how much he had to buy to make sure he didn’t run out.” We start laughing together at this.  “It was so annoying.”  I smile.  “I mean, I was like, dude I really don’t want to hear your stupid story about meat.” 

“He’s so into you,”  I say.

“Yeah…”  Her voice trails off.  She doesn’t look pleased.

I wonder if she has any idea what it feels like to be Spencer.  I know him.  He’s actually a nice guy. He’s a bit awkward maybe, but I know he means well.  And I know how much he cares about her.  He’s told me many times.  I even know where he would take her on a first date.  He has dreams of being with Andrea.  I honestly think he’s falling in love with her.

The thing is, Andrea is a very charming person, and she’s gorgeous and she’s brilliant.  She is my best friend. And, I understand how difficult it could be to know what to do with a guy like Spencer, because I don’t think she wants to hurt him.  That’s not like Andrea…  Nonetheless, I wish for just a few minutes I could be in her shoes and have to tell a decent guy like Spencer no, or maybe I wouldn’t even say no.   Spencer has delightful eyes. I’ve noticed.

So, you’re going to go see Ryan.” Andrea says the name Ryan very slowly with comical emphasis.  It makes me blush and smile.

“Well, hopefully,” I bashfully try to downplay it.  “He probably won’t even remember me.”  I stare down at the table.

Andrea grins and looks genuinely excited for me.

“I bet you’ll have a great time.  You just need to wear something scandalous.”  She winks at me teasingly and chuckles.

“Yeah.  Right,” I say sarcastically with a grin, but in truth I had considered it.  “Honestly, I’m really just hoping he’ll be there and we can talk for a few minutes and see where it goes.  I mean, I felt like there could have – and it’s probably crazy to even think this – been something kind of special between us.  He was really popular but he was really sweet too.  And smart.  Although, he didn’t know it back then…”

Andrea smiles, places her chin on her hand, sighs deeply and looks a little misty.  “I know what you mean. I’ve met a few of those too.”

And that was the moment, for whatever reason, when I began to wonder if I was headed for disaster, although I didn’t want to admit it to myself…


Yesterday I was in the sun for the first time in a long while.  It was nice.  Vitamin D3 is so good.

How has your week been shaping up so far?  🙂

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