2015-03-21 14.42.58 (2)

Pullman (Dana 1968) is a masculine, lavender fragrance.   It’s like Yardley’s English Lavender but with an opening of strong citrus and vetiver throughout.  Pullman is cool-headed and intelligent but with a certain softness.  It also lasts a fairly long time on the skin and amazingly is cool and refreshing many hours after application.

While I couldn’t find a list of the notes for Pullman, my nose detects: lavender, rosemary, amalfi lemon, bergamot, vetiver, clary sage (?), musk, sandalwood, and jasmine (?). 

Well, we didn’t even make it to the Farmer’s Market yesterday…    So, instead I made New England Clam Chowder, with crutons and a peach pie for desert.  I mostly made everything from stratch, but I did use an already made pie dough and a baguette for the crutons…  I’ll post photos on Instagram.  I hope my husband likes it.  He deserves a special day for how hard he works and for what a good father he is to our son…

I hope you’re having a nice weekend and to all the fathers out there, happy Father’s Day!  🙂

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