English Lavender

DSC01711 (2)

Compared to Potter and Moore English Lavender, Yardley English Lavender (Yardley 1873) is not as crisp, and with much less emphasis on citrus.  It’s still refreshing but where I envision Potter and Moore’s lavender bouquet being suitable for a warm day outdoors, Yardley’s seems much more suitable for the indoors.  Matter of fact, it almost has the scent of old books (Clary sage, musk and bergamot? Or is it the geranium?)…

Eucalyptus adds an herbal edge, and the tonka bean mixes with all the notes to almost hint at the smell of pipe tobacco. But, of course, in the midst of all the unhurried and tasteful notes is the almost incandescent lavender.  It’s dewy and youthful but with a seriousness and reserve.

Truly though, despite its innate youtfulness, I think Yardley, English Lavender could be worn by a man or a woman; both young and old.  It’s a lovely, timeless scent…

Top notes: rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender and bergamot.  Middle notes: clary sage, cedar and geranium.  Base notes: tonka bean, musk and oakmoss.

I hope whoever read my first “story of the month” enjoyed it a little, despite the many edits I missed and the fact that it’s my first attempt at a short story in a long time.  I’m currently working on two novels and writing a short story is good for me.  It helps me realize my weaknesses as a writer and, best case scenario, gives me a chance to improve.  Thank you again for reading.  Hopefully next month’s story will be better.  🙂   I’ll edit each part much more vigorously before each post.

Tomorrow is Friday…  Wow this month is going by fast.  Again…

Have a pleasant rest of your day.

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