2015-03-21 14.44.10 (2)

Rich styrax and aldehydes with a lot of presence define Suprême, Mont Agel, Riviera Francaise.  It’s relaxing and invigorating while also managing to be romantic but circumspect.   Suprême is leathery, potent and a little green.  It’s reminiscent of  vintage L’Interdit by Givenchy.

Mesmerizing into the drydown it turns voraciously green and leathery with coumarin as the drydown continues becoming more like Mais Oui or Lanvin Scandal.  It’s sexy and yet refined with depth.

Of course, I couldn’t find anything about the unique fragrance wherever I looked, but I’m going to keep my eye open in future.  For one thing, I find it intriguing that it doesn’t have an obvious brand.  Indeed, Mont Agel is actually a place on the French Riviera of course, and Suprême appears to be the name of the perfume.  If anyone reading this has futher information I would be deeply appreciative and thrilled.  My guess, as far as dating the bottle and perfume, would be to place it somewhere in the 1950’s, 60’s (based primarily on the writing on the bottle) or possibly much, much earlier, but that’s just a guess.  Again, if anyone has futher information, please comment. Thank you.

*Today we’ll find out the results of an actuarial test my husband took a while back.  I’m excited and a bit nervous.  In any case, we’ll likely be moving soon.  I’m not sure where yet.   It all depends.

This week has been a humbling week in many ways.  I keep being reminded just how imperfect I am in various ways, but that despite all the imperfections there’s a great deal of grace from God.  Sounds cliché I know, but this week has been about that for me…

At any rate, I’m looking forward to the weekend.  How about you?

*I’m sorry.  I made a scheduling mistake for this post, which was supposed to be published earlier today.  My apologies.

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