Mystery Lanvin

2015-03-21 14.39.22 (2)

When I purchased these two unmarked bottles of vintage Lanvin fragrances at an antique store (the bottle is a Lanvin bottle) they came in a set of three.  Not realizing what I was looking at I only took home two of them.  Now I know that Lanvin seems to have sold their most popular fragrances (Rumeur, My Sin, Scandal, Arpége, Prétexte) in sets during the 1950’s.  I shouldn’t have separated them…

2015-03-21 14.39.31 (2)

I’m quite sure that the flacon on the right in the photo above is Scandal.  It has the same juicy, warm drydown that heats up versus the drydown for My Sin, which can resemble Scandal a bit.  In the drydown for My Sin a smoky quality emerges that is very strong and certainly not sweet in the same almost fruity way as Scandal’s drydown.

I don’t know what the contents of the flacon on the left are because I can’t get it open (despite all the tricks I’ve tried that usually work).  My guess is that it’s either Prétexte or Rumeur though because it doesn’t smell anything like Arpège, My Sin or Scandal from the bit that is stuck on the bottle between the grooves.  I wish I could get it open.  And, I’ll have to try again because smelling Rumeur or Prètexte would be a treat…

A lot of things are in limbo right now but we’re doing well…  Hopefully we’ll finally make it to the Farmer’s Market today.

I look around me and I see so many things to be thankful for…  And I see so much pain in the world too.  Lots of prayers…

Thanks for reading this blog.  🙂

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