Déclaration L’Eau

2015-01-17 15.33.04

Fresh, clean and piney, Déclaration L’Eau (Cartier 2014) is a sanitizing scent.   With a strong burst of aromatic citrus it’s unabrasive but firm and modern.  In the drydown is bcomes almost transcendent and cooling.  For warm Summer days Déclaration L’Eau is a delightful fragrance, for men, that is all at once both wonderfully relaxed and elegant.

Notes: pink grapefruit, cedar and pink pepper.

2015-03-29 12.54.58 (2)

Living Proof Curl Defining Styling Cream leave in conditioner was alright.  My husband who has rather thick curls found that it was very easy to use too much and cause a crunchy effect.   There’s also a strong scent that’s both flowery and fruity.  Frankly, it’s not the most masculine fragrance either, so some men might find that off-putting (it smells like a sugar-bomb fragranced, high end shampoo).  But it does create lots of definition andprovide some moisture.  At any rate it’s most certainly made for thicker hair.

2015-01-17 15.34.27 (2) - Copy

Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer is not too bad.  Actually, we all liked this product a decent amount.  It doesn’t cause the crunchy effect of some other curl enhancers (see above), it doesn’t weigh down the hair, but it does create defined curls and decrease fizziness.  There may be better products out there, but this is certainly not a bad choice…

Whenever the Summer is at its finest I alway become a bit nostalgic and filled with a yearning to travel.  Whether that’s traveling back in time or traveling across a continent, well, it varies…

My best friend in college, and one of my best friends ever really, was as much into old movies as I am.  I remember watching some mystery movie with her that reminded me a bit of Rebecca (her name was Rebecca actually), only it wasn’t.  But whenever I think about Summer, especially warm Summer days, I think of that movie…  There were these lovely, warm but breezy moments in that film that managed to be both decadent and pensive. Sigh.  I need to figure out what movie that was…

What old films do you love?

Until Wednesday.  🙂

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