Blue Waltz

2015-05-11 18.26.48 (2)Formulated around 1920 by Joubert et Cie, Blue Waltz (Joubert et Cie 1920) is a classic drugstore fragrance.  It’s powdery, sweet and it reminds me a bit of the smell of Johnson’s Baby Products.  I wonder what I would think of Blue Waltz if I had never smelled Johnson’s Baby Oil before, because frankly I had a hard time detaching Blue Waltz from the scent memory of baby oil…  However, the drydown is a bit leathery (coumarin), so Blue Waltz does certainly seem a bit more “grown up” in the drydown.

Yesterday I found out that I need to have my wisdom teeth taken out.  It seems my last dentist neglected to inform me that my wisdom teeth are essentially destroying the very back of my mouth…  So umm.  Yeah, thanks previous dentist.  😦

Anyway, that will interesting.

So…  yeah.  More stuffy stuff stuff…


BUT today is FRIDAY!   🙂

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