Anais Anais

2015-07-12 17.06.05

Very green, elegant and luxurious Anais Anais by Cacheral (Cacheral 1978) is iconic.  It has the 1970’s written all over it, but it transcends time.

Galbanum, orange blossom, and lily are the notes strongest on my skin at first.  It’s fresh, never heavy and pretty.  Into the drydown the sandalwood, and cedar emerge as strong notes like a quiet coastline, misty behind a serene sea.  This scent feels very connected to nature, but would be perfect for a church wedding too.  It’s no wonder so many people wear Anais Anais with great enjoyment. Anais Anais is extremely versatile too.

Top notes: hyacinth,galbanum and orange blossom.  Middle notes: jasmine, rose and lily.  Base notes: sandalwood, cedar, incense and amber.

So, there’s a very very good chance we’ll be moving within the next couple of months.  These last few weeks have been a little tumultous for us and I’m glad they’re over, frankly.

It’s been a lovely summer here, in regard to the weather.  We’ve been blessed with that.

I’m enjoying taking a break from blogging almost everyday.  I really like blogging, but it’s nice to have a time away.  🙂

Thank you for reading.  See you August 1st.  Have a lovely rest of July!

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