Gloria Vanderbilt

2015-07-12 17.06.53 (2)I once tried Gloria Vanderbilt Gloria Vanderbilt (Gloria Vanderbilt 1982) and I hated it frankly.  It was shrill, sickly sweet and fake.  The carnation smelled like play-doh.  So, when I found the vintage bottle pictured in the photo above, I was unsure whether or not to bother with it, but my instincts informed me that this vintage bottle may be a bit different than the one I had tried.  Reformulations are notorious for harming a fragrance’s integrity.

I’m very glad I tried it.

Gloria Vanderbilt, Gloria Vanderbilt in its (most likely) original form was sublime.  It’s the same lucious, rich, deep, buttery carnation found in the iconic L’ Heure Bleue but with a louder 1980’s flair.  And yet, despite its era being in the DNA this scent is timeless.  It’s slightly green, a bit spicy and really just gorgeous…  Given the fact that it’s now often overlooked, and surprisingly inexpensive if you can find a particularly old bottle (from the 1980’s not 90’s), my advice is to seize the opportunity.

Ugh.  I’ve had the photo of Gloria Vanderbilt up for almost a week now without a review.  I know I said I would return on the first of this month, but so much for that.  I’m sorry dear readers.  Tomorrow, will be the first post (other than this revised one) of this month and I’ll return to my “regular schedule.”  It’s been a stressful last couple of weeks and it’s been nice to have a small break from writing on this blog.   Also, I’ve been conducting an experiment on Instagram of trying to wear red lipstick and Chanel No. 22 (my signature fragrance) everyday for a month so I’ve not been wearing a lot of “new” scents.  This Friday is the last day for my experiment.

Anyway.  🙂

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